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999 Time Wasters - former model Linda Lusardi.

Pic from www.classics.rarecelebrities.co.uk  -Linda Lusardi
Sometimes you look at the fucking stupidity of the human race and think was it worth the fucking effort of climbing down from the trees, or if one is a creationist that maybe God was having an off day with some parts of the human species.

This tale is a classic example of stupidity, which is reported here, where former topless model Linda Lusardi phoned 999 to ask if she can have permission to use the hard shoulder because she was going to be late for her pantomime.

The 999 number is there for emergencies, that's life and death stuff and not ones minor day to day problems. Now I know that Linda as a woman best known for her "art" pictures in the tabloid press of years ago, so she is maybe not over loaded with brains but does she really think that is what the 999 service is for?

I happen to know this from first hand experience, many moons ago I worked for BT answering these calls - although I was lucky not to get any time wasting cunts like our Linda.

Never mind car crashes, robberies, accidents and deaths our Linda has to get her good self off to panto.

But she is not alone, other wastes of Gods time or evolution include someone unable to get through to Strictly Come Dancing. Another wanted to find their way to Homebase, a cliff to jump off might have been a better request methinks(It would have been what I would have advised!)

Then there was a Tory County Councillor a few years back who phoned 999 when she was stuck in a queue leaving an event because "ordinary people were being let out before her".

Its not rocket science to think that there are only a certain amount of operators to take calls and each fuckwit clogging the line with trying to get to panto could be costing someone their life.

Hat tip to Norfolk Blogger for this tale of tits and lack of brainpower.

3 people have spoken:

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for the Hat Tip.

Tractor Stats said...

Yes sure Linda my love, its OK for you to speed off down the hard shoulder but if someone just happens to need to pull over in an emergency and you happen to shunt them up the rear and kill them then we will be pressing charges for death by dangerous driving and who knows you might actually kill yourself with any luck, now fuck off you retard. Hello which service do you require...

MK said...

"The rest went on cigarettes, mobile phone bills and pocket money for the children."

If they have money left over for the above, get it back. Why should the taxpayer be funding other people vices and luxuries. Useless parasites.