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Jo "ugly old boiler" Brand - You can't be racist towards white people.

Er, yes you can. Black history is full of terms that are racist towards black people and the opposite is also true.

You can though be abusive to white people and so Jo Brand, a not funny New Labour cock sucking comedian; who fell out of the ugly tree hitting every branch full on in the face on the way down.

6 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Thick as well as fat!

Shades Of Ansel said...

LV,I take acception to you saying she's a cock sucker.What cock in it's right mind,would get hard at the thought of this monster getting her dribbling chops round it? Her father should have had a wank instead,and flirted his dirt into a tissue.She's got a face that really makes you question our evolution

banned said...

I can be racist towrds You though Jo Brand, ugly, mouthy, pasty faced cunt ( + probably a lezzer too ).

Fidothedog said...

A fucking swamp monster.

Ho hum, hum ho! said...

Please criticise her on her intellectual arguments, rather than make ad hominem attacks on her on the basis of her appearance. She does in fact make a serious point. While she is wrong to talk about "the definition of racism" in such terms, she is clearly right that racism toward minorities, who do not (just look at the commons) hold such political power, is much more damaging, and a much more significant issue.
It is arrogant and meaningless to talk about racism towards white people, and so please consider such things before you write cruel, thoughtless and misinformed articles, in your smug spirit of speaking outside the box. It was by pure accident that I stumbled onto this post and do not intend hither to return.

Yours in disgust,
Superior Loss

Fidothedog said...

Ho hum go back to Labourlist mate, where everyone believes the tractorstats from Gordon.

Where everyone thinks that all the evil is down to white imperialists.

Just wait until you get the term cracker or buckra fired at you.