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New Labour extend powers to seize your goods.

Hat tip to Salted Slug....Former postman Alan Johnson, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to extend the Proceeds of Crime Act, enabling  public bodies and quangos to confiscate property and freeze assets.  

Councils in England and Wales Could seize assets from people in council tax arrears or parking fine defaulters
Gangmasters Licensing Authority Might seize property from someone profiting from underpaying wages
Counter Fraud and Security Management Service Investigating prescription fraud and theft by NHS staff
Gambling Commission Could seize assets from rigged betting rings
Rural Payments Agency Could confiscate money from farmers fraudulently claiming agricultural grants
Financial Services Authority City regulator could seize assets of those convicted of insider dealing
Vehicle and Operator Services Agency Could pursue profit made by haulier defrauding MoT or licensing laws
Transport for London Could go after assets of fare dodgers or ticket forgers
Royal Mail Might confiscate assets from a fraudulent postmaster or employee
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Could recoup profits from sale of counterfeit medicines
Here’s Sir Ivan Lawrence, QC:
“Far worse is the encouragement being given to non-police bodies to search for what they think are proceeds of crime but may not be and subject the victim to the draconian and manifestly unjust processes of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Does anyone in Government understand that if you give prosecutors, who are supposed to be unbiased ministers of justice, the bribe of a proportion of the money they can find, you are actually poisoning the roots of justice in our society?”
Still waiting for that to be used on the 646 biggest criminals in the UK, they can be found swilling cheap subsidized booze in the House of Commons bars before turning up half pissed to issue a statement on how binge drinking and cheap booze is destroying the youth.

When an MP or better still at least 200+ MP's see their bank accounts frozen, their 2nd homes seized and they are thrown out onto the streets; then I will believe this act is worth while. Until then its one law for us and no law for the MP's,

6 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

You'r better off in Scotland. We don't have Alan Johnson

Anonymous said...

Just read about Mr Flynn in side bar... He's a right troughing thieving git isnt't he. Which of the paries does he thieve for?

banned said...

This is the most important breach of our libities yet attmpted by Labour. It effectively removes our right to trial by Magistrates and turns England into a Confiscation State not seen since the days of the Anglo-Saxons but at least they had the privilege of a trial by their Peers before their stuff was taken from them.

Fidothedog said...

Tris, Flynn steals for the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

I note he's a rt hon thief.

I wonder if once upon a time the words "Right Honourable", "Honourable", "Noble", "Gallant", "Learned" and all the other silly titles they give themselves actually meant what they said instead of being a hilarious joke.

Fidothedog said...

Once it did, now its just a descriptive term for lying scumbag.