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Michael Barrymore - The Comeback Series

You can bet the seedy little man will be offered a comeback deal after crawling out of the woodwork to appear on Celeb Big Brother. Thanks to Jo for the pic.
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Soldiers detain suspected terrorists, find weapons cache

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Multi-National Division Baghdad Soldiers detained three suspected terrorists and discovered a weapons cache south of Baghdad Jan. 22.

The Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, found the three suspects after an improvised explosive device they were building accidentally detonated, injuring all three men.

Soldiers also discovered other bomb-making materials including ten 125 mm rounds, 11 rockets, seven 82 mm mortar rounds, one 155 mm round, 500 blasting caps, one pressure plate and a box of fuses.

MND-B Soldiers discover IEDs

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers discovered two improvised explosive devices south of Baghdad in separate instances the evening of Jan. 21.

Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 67th Armor, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, discovered an IED and secured the site. An explosive ordinance disposal team responded to their call and disabled the roadside bomb, which consisted of two 155mm rounds.

Minutes later and miles away, Soldiers with 1st Bn., 502nd Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Div., located another roadside bomb. An EOD team disposed of the IED, which consisted of two 120mm rounds.

Terrorists captured and cache found

TIKRIT, Iraq – Task Force Band of Brothers Soldiers from the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, captured two terrorists as they attempted to hide a cache of weapons near Balad Jan. 18.

An observation team from 3HBCT spotted the men digging a hole in a suspicious location and a patrol was sent to look into the dig site and men involved.

The troops followed the men to a nearby house and after questioning the men about their activities, the Soldiers were led to the dig site by one of the suspects.

Several weapons were found at the site, including a mortar tube, 26 mortar rounds of different sizes, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and several fuses. An explosive ordnance disposal team was called out and safely destroyed the cache at the site.

Both men were detained and taken to a nearby military base for further questioning and processing.

BARWANA, Iraq- Rockets, mortars, and bags of propellant, found buried in the outskirts of the city were found by an interpreter, working with Marines from 2d Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine. The weapons were then stacked by Marines and Sailors from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 6 and destroyed with C-4. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Shane S. Keller, 2d Marine Division Combat Camera) (Released)

** Quick joke: Q: How do you know when a NuLabour minister isn't lying, obfuscating or otherwise concealing the truth?

A: When you've just read their obituary (and that never comes soon enough, does it?).
From The Devils Kitchen site.

** Having looked at the blogs/news today it seems that everyone is getting all worked up over that Lib Dem chap who has been exposed in a rent boy scandal. Now I hate to sound cynical but a politician getting caught with his pants down his hardly important news. Yes he made an error and now has to live with that.

Mind you can tell he is not a member of the NuLabour regime as he decided to do the right thing and resign his position, unlike the corrupt members of this government who could get caught having animal sex and still say it was a "private matter" and refuse to quit - well they have been caught doing damn near everything else so I guess thats just a matter of time....

I may be wrong but I find it more repulsive having a local MP thats a convicted criminal and who even after being found guilty sees no moral reason to resign - thats Paul Flynn MP who was convicted of libel - and has the nerve to sully the house with his repellant and dishonest presence, unlike someone like Mark Oaten who as far as I can see has committed no criminal act what so ever and who fell on his sword in order to limit the damage to his party.

Paul flynn's apology:
Recently Paul Flynn was involved in a libel case where he made comments about an endowment pensions company, the result of which he had to pay out damages. He was sued after he posted an attack on such companies on his website, claiming they were out to "re-rob" the victims of endowment mis-selling by dishonestly over-charging them for their services.
But he made the mistake of referring to well-regarded company Endowment Justice Ltd, which represents mis-selling victims on a "no-win, no-fee" basis. The company and its directors sued and at London's High Court Mr Flynn made a public apology for the "unjustified attack" on the claimants' integrity.
The MP as part of the settlement put the following statement on his website: On this website in February this year, I made certain statements referring to Endowment Justice Limited, one of the companies which offers assistance in obtaining compensation for those people who were mis-sold endowment policies. I have been campaigning against companies providing professional services in relation to endowment policy compensation claims, but my facts about Endowment Justice were incorrect. As a result, I wrongly accused the company and its directors Nick Keca, Marianne Fitzjohn and Graeme Webber of having previously mis-sold endowment policies and now dishonestly overcharging those self-same victims to help them obtain compensation. I am happy to clarify that neither Endowment Justice Ltd or any of its directors were ever involved in any aspect of endowment policy selling. It was therefore false and unfair to suggest that they had profited from the historic mis-selling of endowment policies. I was also incorrect in stating that Endowment Justice, which offers its services in recovering compensation on a “no-win, no-fee” basis, could charge its customers up to 40% of any compensation gained. Endowment Justice in fact charge customers 17.5% plus VAT or 22.5% plus VAT of any compensation gained. I was wrong to give the unintended impression that the company or its directors acts in any way improperly or unlawfully in providing services to those seeking compensation for endowment policy mis-selling. I would like to apologise to Endowment Justice for my allegations, and to Mr. Keca, Ms. Fitzjohn and Mr. Webber for any embarrassment or distress caused by my false remarks.


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