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Polly Toynbee - 2nd Rate Guardian Hack

For anyone not aware of her existance, Polly Toynbee is an overpaid hack who looks at the world out of her no doubt high office through rose (or is that Zanu New Labour red) glasses. Each week she gives us a view of the glorious Zanu New Labour world as she sees it, complete with dire warnings about how worse it would be should anyone take over power in the UK.

Indeed her articles could come right from the spin of say Alistair Campbell at Labour HQ. Her loose grip on reality is shown up time and time again through her praise for our cyclopedian Chancellor Gordon Brown, a man responsible for some 80 tax rises and believe me there is going to be more to come...

In todays Guardian toiletpaper Polly is whittering on about how big government is a good thing, and so in order to prove this she spouts forth about the Nordic nations quoting: "
here is no good society without a good strong state? Markets can only thrive with strong government regulation. The happiest, most socially just and economically successful are those that embrace big government: the Nordics."

Let me see if I can find an example of a strong state with lots of regulation, how about the former USSR. How about the few remaining socialist dictatorships like Cuba, police states like Syria and so on. Small government works, a large government controls.

But as people have pointed out, Sweden, for example, has no national minimum wage. Sweden does not have a National Health Service. They have private provision of health services to supplement the County Council based system:

It is also the county councils which own and run the hospitals, health centres and other health institutions, even if these institutions are supplemented by private providers which, in most cases, have contracts with the county councils to supply certain services.

Sweden, for example, has a pure voucher system to pay for education. Part of the problem that Polly seems to ignore is that someone has to pay for all the things provided by Father State, and yes thats why my (and everyone elses) taxes are going up. One day we will have to cut back on the state, yet we little resolve on the part of this (or any previous government) in order to do just that.

You can laugh at Polly inane BS here: Polly Toynbee is proven wrong again and again and agin on so many things

Found this pic on the classic b3ta - hit the nail on the head with regards Zanu New Labour.

Instead check out: http://factcheckingpollyanna.blogspot.com/
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Lastly but by no means least:



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