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Mustaf Jama - Suspect fled Britain in a veil

Only here in the UK could this happen, Mustaf Jama wanted over the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky, assumed his sister’s identity — wearing the niqab and using her passport — to evade supposedly stringent checks at Heathrow, according to police sources.

The use of the niqab, which leaves only a narrow slit for the eyes, highlights flaws in British airport security. At the time, Jama was Britain’s most wanted man, while Heathrow was on a heightened state of alert after the 7/7 terrorist atrocities in London five months previously. Not so much a secure state as an episode of the Keystone Cops.

British immigration officers it seems are so scared of offence they dare not check that the documents and the face actually tie up, so what the hell is the point of these new all singing biometric passports if any old terrorist or murderer can dress up like dhimmi reporter John Simpson (he dressed as a woman to get into Afganistan) and slip and out of this nation at will.

Well makes a total mockery out of the long wait that the rest of us have to endure, just grab your sisters clothes, take her passport, cover up your beard and Inshalla you to will be waved right on through customs. Has to make one wonder just how many other people have done this, to get in and out of the UK at will.

Details of Jama’s disguise emerged yesterday as his younger brother, Yusuf, awaited a life sentence for the murder of the police officer, who died during an armed robbery at a Bradford travel agency in November last year.

One has to wonder if he secretly enjoyed dressing up as woman but anyway back to the main thread. What is going to happen now? Nothing it seems, no questions in the House of Commons over this, no pressure on our Home Sec. to tighten up checks. Not even a bloody statement from the gutless managers at the airports that they will do something. Even after a total clusterfuck like this not one person has admitted that they dropped the ball, nothing will be done to improve matters and MP's still think they are due their vast pay increase.

Detectives believe that Jama, 26, was allowed to board an international flight from Heathrow because no attempt was made to uncover his face. While British baggage security is among the strictest in the world, the system of identity checks is considered less rigorous than in countries such as France.

One final point, the scumbag Jama who escaped so easily from the UK originally was allowed to stay here saying he was not safe in Somalia, yet when he faced jail time decided that this same nation was a fine old place to flee back to. This proves beyond any question that we need to deport more illegal migrant scum who lie there way into the UK, had we done so before then PC Sharon Beshenivsky would most likely be still alive.

Of the obvious questions that need to ask is why having seen photos of this "suspect" why it was not noticed that he had a beard, although then again having seen Somali women that has answered itself. The next is why his build did not stand out, but Somali men are in the main short arsed fuckers skinney bastards and of course the grand media dhimmi John Simpson managed to cover his 6'4 ass in womens clothing to get into Afganistan.

Previous post: http://newportcity.blogspot.com/2006/05/sharon-beshenivsky-gone-but-not.html

Welcome to Britainistan 2006.

Full story from the Times is here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-2512361,00.html

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**Late update: Seems that our state broadcaster the BBC, supporter of terrorists, jew haters and spouter of anti US bile forgot to report a few things. That the accused were illegal migrants, that one of them claimed asylum from Somalia then fled back to Somalia, their previous criminal records were glossed over and lastly that one of them scumfucks escaped dressed as a woman. Well done the BBC for spin the like of which New Labour would be proud you BASTARDS.

Update on scumfuck Mustaf Jama:

According to The Times, in 1993 Nadifa Egal a Somali woman arrived at Heathrow with three children and a Kenyan people trafficker who falsely claimed to be her husband. Mrs Egal described the danger from which her family were fleeing following tribal violence. The family were granted leave to remain and Mrs Egal set about contacting her four other children who had been sent to the UK in 1992. Soon after being granted leave to remain it is reported that Mrs Egal returned to Somalia leaving her seven children to be brought up by friends and relatives in London and Birmingham.

Mustaf Jama was 12 years old when he stood by his mother’s side at Heathrow in 1993. Eight years after arriving in the UK, Mustaf was jailed for burglary and robbery offences. After a string of violent criminal offences he was released from prison in 2005 aged 25; he was considered for deportation but permitted to remain because it was deemed too dangerous to send him back to Somalia where the conflict continued. Some time between Christmas Day and New’s Year he fled the UK, returning to Somalia, apparently bearing his sister’s passport and disguised in a niqab. Jama was not required to prove his identity by immigration staff.

It has been further reported that Jama’s Uncle is a former Somalian Foreign Minister and his father a former MP and cousin of Mohamed Siad Barre the country’s ex-president who seized power in 1969 in a brutal military coup. Mustaf Jama is reportedly protected and hiding in Somalia.

Mustaf Jama is still wanted by British police as the prime suspect for the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky

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Anonymous said...

you people need to get a life cause if Mustaf Jama brother said he killed her than why are people looking for Mustaf Jama and why are you calling the guy a scumbag cause i am 100% you would not say that to his face you pussy and who the fuck you calling short arsed fuckers skinney bastards u fucking pussy why don't you say that to any somalia boy and see what happens cuase you will get killed

Fidothedog said...

Oh dear it seems that some "Somalia boy" is a tad annoyed. Well he is a scumbag, your a scumbag and yes I would call you and scumbag Jama a scumbag.

Oh and fuck you.

Fidothedog said...

Oh a heart felt well done to the forces of the Great Satan on blowing the shit out of numerous Somali jihadist fuckwits, oh and well done to the forces of Ethiopia on smashing that piss poor jihad effort.

Lets just Jama was killed with them and took a long hard time to die.