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Id fraud- Eni Oyegoke jailed for 2 years.

A little tale for those who think that ID cards will keep us safe of an evening, this chap was hired and used his position as a university lecturer in computer security to engage in fraud.

Came into the UK on a 6 month visa, and after his six months was up was never tracked down and deported.

Used a false passport to try to obtain a driving license and that was the only way his crimes came to light. Thankfully someone was awake at the DVLA and so they caught him. Story here

A university lecturer who specialised in computer security was jailed today for committing a string of identity fraud offences.

For three months Nigerian Eni Oyegoke tutored students on identity theft at the University of Glamorgan in South Wales after gaining the position using a false passport.

Oyegoke, 28, of Great Ormes House, Ferry Court, Cardiff Bay, was sentenced at Newport Crown Court today after admitting 13 fraud, deception and theft offences at an earlier hearing.

He was imprisoned for a total of two years by Judge Roderick Denyer QC.

The judge warned Oyegoke that he is likely to be deported when he is released.

Prosecutor Tracey Lloyd-Nesling said Oyegoke came to Britain five years ago on a six-month visa.

He enrolled at the university in 2005 as a PhD student but his talents soon saw him landing a part-time lecturing position at its school of computing.

His downfall came, she said, when he applied to the DVLA for a British driving licence using a false passport number.

The court heard a DVLA worker tipped off immigration officers who investigated Oyegoke and raided his home, finding a counterfeit driving licence.

The inquiry also revealed he had stolen nearly £22,000 on two credit cards he obtained from internet bank Egg in the name of his former landlords while they were in Australia.

Of the counterfeit driving license, Miss Lloyd-Nesling said: “He said it was made as part of his thesis.

“One of his roles was to set students tasks giving them a celebrity and then seeing how much they could find out using a computer. Often, it was not a very difficult task.”

Leighton Hughes, defending, said Oyegoke had turned to crime to pay his tuition fees after spiralling into debt.

“He is young man who, on the face of it, has gone off the rails,” said Mr Hughes.

Mr Hughes also said the defendant’s girlfriend is pregnant with his baby.

He added: “He made the gross mistake of taking advantage of his knowledge and knowledge of others to gain two credit cards from Egg.

“He is an intelligent man and he has a talent which he used in the wrong direction.”

Judge Denyer told Oyegoke: “One always has sympathy with somebody who desperately wants to advance their prospects in life through the education system and you clearly are a man of some considerable ability.

“I’m afraid when we come to the Egg credit cards, it seems to be good old-fashioned fraud.”

Jane Farleigh, the Border and Immigration Agency’s newly appointed director for Wales and the South West, said: “The Border and Immigration Agency will seek to deport any foreign national who commits a serious offence in the UK as early as possible in their sentence.

“They must obey the laws of this country like everyone else.

Department: School of Computing
Job Title: Research
Telephone: 01443 483408
e-mail: eoyegoke@glam.ac.uk
Room: J133
Qualifications: Msc, Cissp, Ccsp

Oh here he is in all his glory, amazing what a quick Google cache search will find. Lets just hope that his next employer does a Google search on the light fingered chap.

**Alas I can not see him being kicked out as he has(or rather will have) the baby card to play and the bleeding heart liberals will howl about his human rights - breaking up a family etc. So yet another criminal from abroad will be allowed to stay in Blair & Brown's cool Britannia.

“This case shows that we are working extremely closely with the police and other agencies to catch anyone flouting our laws.”

**Just noticed that he is a Nigerian committing fraud, strange that. I have to say that I really am shocked that a Nigerian would stoop to such things. And you know what whilst he is inside maybe he can catch up with things back in his ancestral homeland with these chaps:

Man who used false passport is jailed and this chap who stole someone s ID, yep another Nigerian

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Anonymous said...

he should of been kicked out the country- we dont need overseas nationals cloggin up our already pushed prison service- if you commit a serious crime you are going against Britian and breaking your visa and citizan rules.kick him out- he could of ruined these peoples lifes

Fidothedog said...

Well said anon