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Your tax money at work: UN declares 2008 as 'International Year of Potato (IYP)'.

Potato, the fourth major food crop in the world, is in the limelight. The United Nations has declared 2008 as the 'International Year of Potato (IYP)'. The declared mission of IYP is to increase awareness of the importance of potato as a food in developing countries, and promote research and development of potato-based systems as a means of contributing to the achievement of the UN millennium development goals.

According to James Godfrey, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Potato Centre, Peru, "World potato production is about 320 million tonne a year, and this makes potatoes the most important root and tuber food crop in the world. Its food productivity per hectare is about four times greater than that of cereals, and it can be harvested before it reaches maturity, thus providing an important role in food security, which is so critical to many families."

**Have they nothing better to do with their time? Maybe ending slavery, slaughter in the Sudan, womens rights you know minor stuff like that.



3 people have spoken:

MathewK said...

Potato day ey, perhaps the UN should be left to things like that and their funding appropriately cut to reflect their new position.

Fidothedog said...

Well naturally the year of the spud has got to be the most important thing for the UN, aside from ignoring moslem terror, moslem jew hating, oppression of women, world hunger etc etc etc...

Unknown said...

Wait till they see them using them as replacements for rocks. Very handy when you have a heavy run on rape victims and ankle flashers. Alternatively they could let Kofi's son set up a spuds for oil programme.