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This made me laugh: Considerate Parking Award

Pictured in Newport, by the railway station is this great example of parking by a Welsh brewery dray. Unable to park outside the John Wallace Linton pub, the genius here decided to park on the pedestrianised part of the crossing! Great, what a genius the drayman is, causing difficulty to anyone trying to access the train station. And it was not a quick drop off - the dray was there for around 20 minutes before our very own gendarmerie, ie Blunketts Bobbies, PCSOs finally got him to move a few feet into a loading area. Now, you may ask whose dray this is - turns out it's owner is Evan Evans Brewery who have no connection with the website below:

UN built on shit and full of...

U.N. Site Truly a Garbage Dump

The United Nations' world headquarters in New York City lies on a foundation of rotten garbage — literally.

The world body recently began a six-year, $2 billion renovation project known as the Capital Master Plan. As workers began prepping the 38-story Secretariat for renovations, a "rotten eggs" smell began seeping from one of the underground levels below the building.

Suspecting that a gas line may have been punctured, workers for the Skanska Corporation, the lead contractor, had the U.N. order a limited evacuation of the Secretariat.

Several hours later, Skanska and U.N. officials, joined by utility company and fire department personnel, traced the smell not to a gas line, but to a vast underground landfill...

Source Here -

Built on shit and full of it, especially when our Foreign Sec. David Miliband who I refer to as David Milicunt is talking.


Another Downfall re-subtitling job. Gordon & Glasgow

Gordon gets annoyed with Scotland!

The best line is "Those subsidy monkeys wont be laughing when I stop there giro's" - Brilliant....

Kerry Katona - Prostitute payout.

TV personality Kerry Katona has accepted substantial damages from the Sunday Mirror after taking libel action against the red-top, which falsely claimed her mother was about to expose her as a prostitute.

The front page story last month claimed that Sue Katona was about to publish a book alleging that her daughter had worked as a prostitute before she went on to fame and fortune as a singer with Atomic Kitten and a winner of the TV programme I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

"The truth is that Sue Katona has never alleged that the claimant worked as a prostitute in a book or at any other time and such an allegation would be entirely untrue," David Price, the solicitor advocate for Katona, told the high court yesterday. "Moreover, Sue Katona has not to date written an autobiography nor does she have a publishing agreement to publish such a book."

When one considers the whoring that Katona and so many other "celebs" do with the media over every aspect of their lives, baby pics, weddings, gossip stories etc etc ad fucking nausium, are they not in fact media whores of the worst type.

In fact the lady/gentleman of the night in comparison to these is making a (sort of) honest living and is poorly paid in comparison to them.A big titted drug snorting ho that flogs food on TVfor Iceland, famous for being famous and producing babies or something.

Paul Flynn - Talking shit on 15000 dead a year in London. No its 1500

Paul Flynn the libel case losing MP, who said that some 15,000 people had died from pollution in London?

His words:
The Question I asked was

“15,000 people died in London last year from effects of air pollution. For the first time in 50, the works of cleaning up London’s atrocious air has been put into reverse this morning by the mayor’s decision to encourage more polluting, gas guzzling Chelsea tractors to pollute the air we breathe. What can the Government do to protect Londoners from the anti-environment excesses from Boris the Buffoon?”

Turns out he meant 1500, a typo that he quietly altered as per many of his er "facts" and yet he still has no figures to back that figure up either...

Still a senile old liar not fit to grace the office he holds.

Harriet Harman/Harperson - Mad as fuck & talking out of her cunt.

Harman comes up with this fucking gem to explain the reform of murder laws:
Reform is overdue -- there hasn't been any change in the law for 50 years
Wow. Get the logic on that. Murder is not a crime that changes over time, not to the point where new laws need to be drafted.

Still Harperson for all her waffle and there is a lot of it is strangely quiet on tackling the dangers of forced marriage, honour killings and other crimes in the "Asian" community...

Binyam Mohammed - America can keep him.

The commies and some other lentil/tofu eaters are describing this Gitmo inmate as a 'British citizen'. Wrong.

Binyam Mohammed was an illegal migrant, an asylum seeker who was never granted citizenship.

He worked for a while as a janitor and then went to Pakistan 'to resolve some personal issues'. In other words to train to be a terrorist.

So he is an Ethiopian citizen who lived here once upon a time, then went to Pakistan where he was arrested. Quite what the hell has this barbarian got to do with the UK? In short fuck all, let Pakistan take him or Ethiopia for that matter.

Leave him in Guantanamo Bay or leave him in hell for all I care, after all do we need another bleeding heart terrorist spinning ever more lies and tales of woe to the BBC/Guardian like the worthless terrorist scum the Tipton Taliban.

Whats the odds some swivel eyed media cunt is already planning a movie about how US nazi's took flamethrowers to his testicles, made him eat Korans and pork sandwiches or somesuch. A bit like the fucking dire porkie fest "Road to Guantanamo" by terrorist huggers Michael Winterbottom & Mat Whitecross on the fun & games by the Tipton Taliban)

Oh and he will make a packet in benefits, get a council house, wall to wall human rights lawyers etc etc etc, despite having not worked or paid any stamp for the last few years.

The Taliban scum:



Roll up for victimhood poker! Sarika Singh gets a winning hand.

From the BBC:

A 14-year-old Sikh girl has won her High Court discrimination claim against her school after it excluded her for breaking its "no jewellery" rule.

Sarika Singh, from Cwmbach, south Wales, was excluded by Aberdare Girls' School in November 2007 for refusing to take off her religious bangle.

A High Court judge in London ruled on the controversial matter after reserving judgement last month.

A fine example of "victimhood poker" in action:Link to Dick list and details of the game.

First up she scores an 8 just for being a woman.
Plus a four for being a non Christian.
Oh, plus a stonking great 7 for being "Asian." - Next up we shall see how much in damages Sarika Singh gets for "emotional distress", "racial predudice" and whatever reasons her lawyers can dream up.

There are 2 skin color cards (Black, White)
There are 4 ethnicity cards (Native American, Hispanic, Oriental, Hindu)
There are 2 gender cards (Female, Transformer)
There are 4 religion cards (Muslim, Non-Christian, Hindu, and Christian)
There are 2 economic class cards (Poor, Well Off)
There are 3 cards without a class (Gay, Handicapped, and Animal)
There are 4 Jokers (Christian, Well Off, White, and Straight)
The winning hand combines the highest point total of each class of cards. The winning hand may comprise of only ONE of each class; 5 cards are initially dealt and the player chooses the most valuable cards to make up the best possible victim. After the first 5 are dealt, bets are taken and player can fold/raise as they choose.

After bets are taken, 3 community cards are dealt to the center of the table, not unlike Texas Hold 'em.


For example, lets say player 1 is dealt a hand of: Black (A), Transgender (10), Non-Christian (4), Christian (Jo), Muslim (Q). Black, as an Ace, has a value of 14 points, Muslim is worth 12, Transgender is worth 10, Non-Christian is worth 4, and Christian, as a Joker, is valueless. To make the winning hand, player 1 must choose between the three religion cards but will obviously choose Muslim since Non-Christain is only worth 4 points and Christian is a Joker.

Thus, the most victimized hand player 1 can assemble from the cards he's been dealt is a Transgendered Gay Black Muslim, which is worth 45 points total.

Now, lets say player 2 receives a hand of American Indian (K), Hispanic (Q), Oriental (7), Handicapped (6), Female (8). Since American Indian, Hispanic, and Oriental are all ethnicities, only ONE can be chosen of the bunch. Player 2 is compelled to choose American Indian, since it is a King and thus bears the value of 13 points versus Hispanic (11 points) or Oriental (7 points). Female and Handicapped, however, can now be added to the mix because Female is of the gender class and Handicapped has no card class. Thus, the best possible victim player 2 can assemble from the first round of cards is a Handicapped American Indian Woman, which bears a point total of 27 points.

Obviously, the winner has the highest possible point total from the cards dealt between their hand and the community cards.
Hours of legal fun and all paid for by the UK taxpayers....

Passports stolen: Soon to used by Al Quada & Chinese cocklepickers.

Thieves who got away with 3,000 blank passports and visas worth around £2.5 million targeted the van as it stopped at a newsagent's, police have said.

The two unarmed thieves assaulted a security officer before driving off in the van in Oldham on 28 July.

Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation and are appealing for eyewitnesses to come forward.

The Foreign Office has admitted a serious breach of security over the loss of the documents. (one for the "No shit, Sherlock" award for that statement)

The full interesting story here.

And of course the government fuckwittery go's into overdrive with this bollocks:
The passport service said the stolen documents could not be used by thieves because of their hi-tech embedded chip security features.
Right, so why in the name of all that is holy would a few criminals go to the time and effort of stealing them if they did not think that they were worth a fair amount on the black market.

John of Gwent hits the nail on the head: here
Remind me again what you need to wave to get more than three hundred quid out of a bank these days. Other than a gun, that is. And for that matter what you need to open an account. Or buy a house. Or do just about anything else. After all, it was Gordon Brown that demanded our financial institutions do sod all for you unless you wave one of these documents, so why should he be surprised when a few thousand go missing. And whose fault will it be when the immigration agencies get handed photocopies of the passports handed over by next month's cocklepickers ?
So passports will be used to open accounts, get jobs, benefits and as a basis for ID. Most folk will take a passport at face value and Mr Ali Quada will soon be set up as a Mr John Doe and happily living here in the UK whilst plotting death and destruction...

As for secure don't make me laugh, chip & pin has been cracked already and knowing this government I am sure that the so called secure passports are not as secure as HM Govt makes out.

UPDATE: An we are off, off to the bank with the cracked passport. Cracked by one Lukas Grunwald.

I wonder if the "unbreakable ID cards" that Labour love so much will be as easy to break. Only a blind man would be unable to see that, oh hang on.

One blind man is in favour of them, step forward David Blunkett(serial shagger and scribbler for tabloid paper The Sun) and who since last March been chairman of the international advisory committee of Entrust Inc, the Texas based security company which hopes to provide software for the UK ID cards system. So no reason to be biased in favour of ID cards then?....

He also claims that there was no way the cards could be copied....

Pubs hit by Gordon Browns tax hikes.

From Wales online:

DRINKERS are saving pounds by cutting down on visits to the pub in favour of enjoying their favourite tipple at home.

A visit to the local has become the latest victim of the credit crunch, according to the Quarterly Beer Barometer from the British Beer and Pub Association.

The association’s figures detail a drop in total beer sales by 4.5% in the UK this quarter compared with the same period last year, with beer sales in pubs down 10.6%, depriving the Treasury of £88m in tax income.

In total, 107 million fewer pints were sold in April to June this year compared with the same quarter in 2007 – a fall of 1.2 million pints a day.

The on-trade sold 144 million fewer pints during April to June this year compared with the same quarter in 2007 – down 1.6 million pints a day.

The figures, say the association, confirm a long-term trend towards drinking at home.

Now I would also point out that this is a trend that in large has been caused by the beer tax in Britain being the highest in the EU. Over 80p from each pint you buy in a pub goes direct to the taxman.

Blaming the credit crunch is all the fashion, sadly the truth and the blame lays firmly with the badger haired Chancellor Alistair Darling and the one eyed unelected PM Gordon Brown. It costs a fraction to stock up at Tesco rather than have a night out in a tradition pub.

Should taxes be lowered this trend would be reversed, sadly New Labour puritans believe that all drink is evil and we must be taxed for our own good. The rest of us would call that George Orwell style social engineering and it might explain why Labour is hated so much.

Barack Hussein Obama - A message from the UK

Look, I really have to say that I can not understand all the fuss and obcession over all things Obama.

You see he has been done before, sorry America but I hate to break this to you but the new messia and his "new way" of doing things is all old hat.

Some 11 years( plus) in fact, and it was one Anthony Charles Linton Blair who was our Obama.

He talked of a better way, a new way, a middle way - as per Obama.
He smiled like some grinning buffoon - as per Obama.
He toured his ass off from one end of the UK and abroad - as per Obama.
He fired off soundbites with no real meaning, lots of uses of words like "equality", "liberty", "friendship", "alliances" - as per Obama.

Then he got elected and things here in the UK turned to shit.

There are now over 1000+ ways that the state is allowed to enter a home here in the UK, some 400+ of these have happened since Blair & New Labour came in.

The state expanded into every area of peoples lives, dependency on the state has rocketed, self reliance has declined, record numbers now work for the state administering this huge uber-state.

Taxes both direct and indirect have spiraled ever upwards.

Health & safety and political correctness have been used to curtail activities, oppress freedoms and stifle free speech.
Spot fines and amendments to our laws have created a system where more and more we the citizens have to prove our innocence rather than it being assumed that we are innocent.

Government money is used by unelected quango's to fund pet projects.

Aid money is poured into the hands of dictators in Africa and Asia via the government/Eu with little accountability to taxpayers here who fund it.

Billions wasted on global warming.
Think Obama is brilliant, well my US friends I shall tell you this: All of the above will come to your shores, at a time when we need to compete with the tiger economies and India we are tying us businesses hands with ever more taxes and red tape.

The same will happen in the US if he is elected.

The old term for Obama was a communist, a pinko, a red under the bed, in fact a "useful idiot" as a certain Soviet leader called people like Obama.

Now our Obama, one Mr Blair having screwed the nation went off on a farewell tour, yep us taxpayers paid for it all! Now he works for a bank having foisted the dire Gordon Brown on us as PM.

Now we Brits and you Americans have had our differences in the past, we did burn down the White House but we both valued freedom in our ways. Now sadly we have almost none and I see America going to head the same way as us...

Gordon Brown - Gordon Prentice calls him a cunt, well maybe not.

Gordon Brown faced an outright call from a Labour MP to resign in the "best interests" of the Labour Party.

Pendle MP Gordon Prentice said he hoped the Prime Minister would admit on reflection he was a liability to his own party.

'I hope Gordon reflects on things during August and accepts that it is in the party's best interests, and perhaps his own, for him to stand down,' he said, adding that the Government had "gone a bit rusty".

'A Prime Minister must be able to communicate, persuade and enthuse,' Mr Prentice said.

'If not, the message is lost. I want to see an open leadership election where the bar in terms of nominations is not set so high so as to exclude credible candidates.'

Mr Prentice is the first MP to call directly on the PM to stand down since last week's disastrous Glasgow East by-election.

A rebel who opposed top-up fees and foundation hospitals, he told his local party chiefs last week that he had lost confidence in Mr Brown.

'I just think we need a new leader,' he added today. Someone has got to speak out.'

**We have all been speaking out, its would appear that Gordon is deaf as well blind in one eye, either that or he is not listening when he claims to be.

Oh and the tedious Commons leader Harriet Harman, insisted today that Mr Brown would not be resigning and admitted the country had "not seen the best" of him since he arrived at 10 Downing Street.

Ms Harman, who has taken the reins for the first week of Mr Brown's holiday, told GMTV: 'I have got a great deal of confidence in Gordon Brown, having worked with him for 25 years.

'I can recognise that I don't think the British people have seen the best of him yet as Prime Minister.

In short, she is talking out of her cunt again...

John Prescott - Defending cyclops.

Puker John Prescott, was on TV earlier defending the unelected one eyed leader. No vomiting from John, one can but assume that he had up chucked his lunch earlier before going on camera.

Shows how desperate the Labour party are that they have to wheel out lardy boy John to defend the dire PM, he said the usual banal stuff that Gordon comes up with: Best man for the job, doing great, helping us through tough times etc.

He wrote - or rather an aide wrote it for the lardy one -
I’m sure I also speak for all of you in wishing Gordon, Sarah and their boys a thoroughly deserved break and that they have a wonderful time in Southwold. I have every confidence that he will come back refreshed, renewed and ready to lead us through these difficult times.
Well he doesn't speak for me thats for damn sure. I hope that Gordon gets his ass flooded out, like the flood victims here in the UK that he forgot about. Closely followed by a disaster of Biblical epic standards falling on his house, locusts, boils that sort of thing. Followed by a violent and slow lingering death for the one eye'd one, so sorry John but I shall disagree with the comment of wishing him well.

In short John Prescott talks total horse cock.

**PS, I managed to get in Waterstones book shop just before it closed and whilst quickly ordering a book I happened to notice that puker Presscotts book was on sale, even lower than the price marked on their website which is £10.

How long before it ends up in the bargain bucket of £1.99 crap that they need to clear. When that happens I shall blog a photo of it.

Dan Glass - Superglued to Gordon Brown

Someone called Dan Glass superglued himself to our glorious one eyed leader. Now leaving aside all of Dans arguements about the evironment, I have to think that this was a bloody stupid thing to do.

Had the one eyed one not managed to pull free and the pair of them had been stuck together, I find my sympathys going to the treehugger Dan here.

Just think of being stuck with Gordon droning on and on and on for fucking hours with no chance of escaping him. Hell I have little time for the green brigade and tree huggers but no one on Earth deserves that.

Far better a quick and humane death I say.

I do wonder if as the saying go's Dan would have like the proverbial animal caught in a gin trap, have chewed him own arm off to escape the tedium of Gordon Browns voice banging on about how "he is listening", "best man for the job", "getting on with the job" etc etc.

Harriet Harman is full of shit: re people calling up Gordon Brown for advise.

OK Harriet, you go on TV and attempt to spoon feed the electorate the shit that people are on the phone to our glorious one eyed leader asking his all seeing, all knowing advice? Well prove it.

Name one, just one that has called up Brown to ask how to fuck up their economy as well as ours. Can't be difficult from a large list, so come on Harman list the names.

Hell, I say it here that you, like the one eyed leader are full of shit. In short that you are lying your ass off. That no world leader or economic adviser of even the worst place on Earth would ask Gordon's advice on anything.

She said:
"You know, people ring up Gordon Brown to get advice from all around the world on economic circumstances."
Harriet Harman is talking through her cunt.

Taliban terrorist hand himself in: Mullah Abdul Rahim

THE Taliban were in disarray last night after their Helmand province leader surrendered — fearing the SBS was about to kill him.

Terrified Mullah Abdul Rahim handed himself in to Pakistani police just over the border in Quetta late on Saturday.

Rahim, one of the five most wanted Taliban bosses, acted after two henchmen — Mullah Bishmullah and Mullah Sadiqullah — were killed by the Navy special forces unit.

Forces spokesman Lt Col Robin Matthews said: “The Taliban leadership has suffered a shattering blow.”

Hours after the surrender, an unmanned RAF drone killed the Taliban’s chief in Musa Qalah.

**Owned! The Taliscum are finished, little more than dead men walking, soon to be turned into pig food by RAF drones.


White and so a second class citizen: Keir Hardie

A former Royal Marine who served three terms in Northern Ireland has been told he must pay £750 and undergo a ‘citizenship test’ if he wants a British passport.

Both of Keir Hardie’s parents were British and he has lived in this country since the age of three.

He has been decorated for his service in the Marines and has also worked as a policeman and for the fire brigade, served as a town councillor and is now an NHS mental health nurse.

His two ex-wives and his current partner, Lindsey, are all British, as is his 17-year-old daughter, Amy.

But when he returned from holiday in Turkey last month, 55-year-old Mr Hardie, who was named after the founder of the Labour Party, was threatened with deportation – because he was born in Canada and has never been issued with British papers.

Now, the UK Identity and Passport Service is insisting he goes through the process of applying for indefinite leave to remain in this country at a cost of £750, which includes having to take the Life in the UK test, devised for new immigrants.

But he is refusing to pay the fee on principle and is looking for lawyers to fight his case.

Mr Hardie, whose three brothers and sister were all born in Britain and have British passports, said: ‘I have earned my passport through service with the Royal Marines, the NHS, the fire brigade and the police.

‘I have worked solidly since 1967 and paid my taxes. I’ve never been on the dole. I’m a Brit and I should be allowed a passport just like any other Brit.’

**Maybe he should hijack a plane like those nice Afghan chaps who were granted leave to stay here in the UK, or maybe be born in some crap hole like the Sudan like the killers of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky.

Maybe he should have been born a thieving Nigerian like these fine UK citizens.

Maybe I am a bit cynical but had Mr Hardie been born a moslem, he would by now have been allowed to stay after threatening legal action and having the BBC do a fluff article on his dire plight.

Hell had he a bit more of a "touch of the tarbrush" about him he could have played the "Is it cos I is black" card for a huge payout and apology from the Passport Agency.

Should he have been gay he could have claimed that he was in imminant danger and been granted leave to stay.

Alas he is not -as far as I can see from his photo in the Daily Mail - a transgender and so can not play the may life is in danger card.

Sadly as a white man and one who has actually worked for a living, he is unable to qualify under the rules of Victimhood poker.

Sadly his hand appears to be these:

This is the crazy, mad pc world of New Labour's "Cool Britannia" where logic and common sense are replaced by dogma and rights for minorities.

Hat tip to Dick List for the "Victimhood Poker" cards.


Remember its the "religion of peace"

A third of Muslim students in Britain believe killing someone in the name of religion is justified, a new poll claims.

The survey found that extreme Islamist ideology has a profound influence on a significant minority of Muslims on campuses across the country.

The findings will concern police chiefs, the security services and ministers, who are struggling with radicalisation among Muslim communities.

The YouGov poll was conducted for the Right-wing think tank, the Centre for Social Cohesion, at 12 universities, including Imperial College and Kings College London. It also found:

40 per cent support the introduction of sharia into British law for Muslims

a third back the notion of a worldwide Islamic caliphate (state) based on sharia law

40 per feel it is unacceptable for Muslim men and women to mix freely

24 per cent do not think men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah

a quarter have little or no respect for homosexuals.

Although 53 per cent said that killing in the name of religion was never justified, compared with 94 per cent of non-Muslims, 32 per cent said that it was. Of these, 4 per cent said killing could be justified to "promote or preserve" religion, while 28 per cent said it was acceptable if that religion were under attack.

There was also sympathy for the view that Muslim soldiers in the Armed Forces should be allowed to opt out of operations in Muslim countries, with 57 per cent agreeing.

The report's authors found that Islamic societies on campus, operating under the umbrella of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, exert a strong influence on many of Britain's 90,000 Muslim students. A quarter of them belong to Islamic societies and their views are often more extreme.


**Of course they will have these views, after all any attempt to point out that intolerace on their part is in any wrong is now classed as rascism. Thanks a lot for that one New Labour.

Other nations that have moslems in them, have better relations as the moslems know that should they step out of line they will be jailed or on the next plane back to Ragheadistan.

Just look at how Labour have dropped the "War on Terror" even calling islamic terror the daft term "anti islamic activity" a total wankspeak phrase as jihad is waged by moslems against non moslems.

Labour: Cover up the mistakes. 39,000 barbarians allowed to stay in UK.

What to do with illegal aliens, well first off drop that term from government use and encourage the media to do the same.

Ignore the fact that these people are in this nation without any right and in fact breaking the law, thus making them illegal aliens.

Push a whole raft of laws over the last few years to put across the image of being "tough on illegal aliens and tough on the causes of illegal aliens." If you have done any temp work here in the UK, you need to have a passport/other documents to comply with said laws.

Now that all sounds rather good, but for this rather large illegal alien elephant in the room:

About 39,000 asylum seekers in a backlog of 400,000 applicants have been allowed to remain in Britain by the Home Office.

One way to clear paperwork, I wonder if proper criminal checks have been done on each and every one of these illegal aliens, or do we have to call them "undocumented workers" that fine phrase that has crossed the pond from the USA.

Another 20,000 people have been removed, the UK Border Agency said.

Well I guess they do catch some of them, just a shame that they could not stop them at point of entry. Mind that might mean spending money and having a joined up immigration policy.

UKBA chief executive Lin Homer said about 50 of the asylum seekers allowed to stay in Britain had some "possible criminal element".

Her disclosures come in a letter to Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee.

WTF! Get the statement there "Possible criminal element"- In plain English they don't know or don't want to know. Still I am sure that the UK public will find out when they are attacked, raped or murdered by our new model citizens.

The top four nationalities among asylum seekers were Somalian, Pakistani, Iraqi and Afghan.

Most of their cases date back over three years, with some over seven years.

Well fucking great lets have a look at our fine new citizens: Somalia - a war torn crap hole full of jihadist asshats who have a habit of dressing up in ladies clothes.

Pakistan, another moslem nation and another where many of the Taliban hole up before taking flight to that other fine Islamic state of Bradford(istan)!

Iraq, yep more moslems and a place where guns and weaponry of all types are very common.

Afghanistan, again moslem and like the others awash with weapons and also drugs.

I am sure that being able to strip an AK47 wearing a blindfold, deal drugs and wage jihad against the infidel are skills that many UK employers are really looking for.

Still give them benefits and let them stay an hopefully they might vote New Labour....Gordon gives illegal workers the thumbs up!

The UN on morality: Like Gordon Brown on depth perception!

British people have been told that they must be nicer to Muslims by the leaders of the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

Ignoring the deadly terrorist acts, committed in Britain by radical terrorist scum. The UN Committee lectured Britons to “take firm action to combat ‘negative public attitudes’ towards Muslims.

The body, which is composed of so-called “legal experts”, including members from those wonderful outstanding, world-leading beacons of democracy and progress, Benin, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt and Mauritius, said it was concerned ‘ negative public attitudes towards Muslim members of society’ continued to develop in Britain.

The Government ’should take energetic measures to eliminate this phenomenon and ensure that authors of such acts of discrimination on the basis of religion are adequately deterred and sanctioned’.

In short to bend the knee before the sword of Islamic jihad.


Sony Ericsson - K550i

Had one of these phones for just over 2 an a bit weeks and I love it. My MP3 player is now gathering dust since getting this fine piece of kit.

Features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 2.25x digital zoom and photo light
  • Video recording
  • Display: TFD, 262,144-colour, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Music / media player
  • FM radio
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
  • 3D Java games
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Phone book, Stopwatch, Tasks, Timer
  • Memory: 64 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage, infrared
  • Web browser, RSS feeds
  • Vibration alert
  • Flight mode
  • Quadband
  • Size: 102 x 46 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 85g
In short all a chap needs in a phone.

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Has anyone seen his gays.

Has anyone seen his gays...
A music video to help draw attention to the plight of Iran's missing gay population.

...Maybe Gordon Brown could answer that one...

But here is the brave islamic warrior of the Persian people saying hello to a er, close friend...

Moslems & McDonald's

Two Muslim women filed a lawsuit today against a McDonald's restaurant, saying they were denied jobs because of their Islamic headscarves, known as hijabs. Standing near the restaurant in Dearborn from left to right are Quiana Pugh, 25, of Dearborn, one of the plaintiffs, Dawud Walid, head of the Michigan branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Nabih Ayad, attorney for the women and the second plaintiff, Toi Whitfield, 20, of Detroit.
Now would the worst defense be that they were refused jobs not because they were moslems, but because they were black?...
Expect lots of howling mobs, pc talk from McDonalds and a large payout to the two moslems.

Maybe they could use some of the payout on some plastic surgery as they are both as ugly as sin.

New Labour Rubbish: Pay as you throw.

The days of free rubbish collections are over"

The days of free rubbish collections are over, the Government warned last night.
Environment Minister Joan Ruddock made clear that Labour will press ahead with pay-as-you-throw charges which are likely to cost families an extra £50 a year.

Despite widespread public opposition to the move, she claimed bin taxes could have “a very significant impact on levels of waste and recycling”.

Ms Ruddock vowed: “We need to test this, and test it rigorously.”

But her uncompromising remarks were a huge embarrassment for Gordon Brown, demolishing claims from his aides that Labour had ditched the rubbish tax scheme. And the plans were already turning into chaos last night as it emerged that not a single council has volunteered to take part in a series of pilot schemes scheduled for next year.

This is a wonderful example of a Government in MELTDOWN.

Cool, let them keep on working out ever more ways of taxing the people of these fair lands, let them show that they mean "we will do as we please" when Gordon speaks of "listening".

The more they do this, the more voters they will lose come the election.

The Government asked councils a month ago to volunteer for pilot bin tax schemes, offering around £1million to town halls willing to get involved. But yesterday Ms Ruddock was forced to admit that none had come forward. Despite the complete lack of interest, however, she made it clear that Labour will press ahead.

Of course not, after all councils will know that any costs will be passed to the locals, locals who will be up in arms and who will not re-elect the councillors who foisted this on them. Add to that that even councils know that should it all go wrong they will be blamed by Gordon Browns government.

Gordon Brown - Some random thoughts.

Our one eyed leader has not been having a good time of it over recent months and what with global economic conditions getting worse by all accounts and him having maturated away much of the nations wealth things will be getting rather bad here in the UK.

What with the fall of socialist safe seat Glasgow East it looks like Gordon will be out, either thrown out at some point by his party or by the voters when he has finally summoned up the courage to face them that is in an election.

I am sure that he has by now (if tales are true about his temper tantrums) thrown his mobile and chewed out some employees of No.10. He will sulk, pout, skulk and then announce a new raft of policies - like the infamous "British jobs for British workers." - oh and promised to "listen to voters".

The problem with Gordon is that he thinks that he is right, so he will not listen and is determined to get his message across and if the 60 million plus people here in the UK don't like it, well they are wrong and Gordon will educate them until they see the error of their ways.

Once out of a job he will be worse. Seriously if you think that Gordon Brown is an insurable little cunt now just wait till after the election and he finds himself out of work.

Unlike Blair who moved on to new richer pickings, Gordon will brood. He will sulk, feel let down and boy will he let us know how he feels let down.

First up a new book. Lets see: Courage 2: The bastards fucking stabbed me in the back. A working title and I am sure that whatever it is called that will be the basic aim of the book.

Countless TV and media interviews where he will bleat on and on and on about the evil Tories now in power, but more importantly to him he will attempt to settle old scores.

First up whoever replaced him: How dare they! His bile will know no ends on this score and he will do his best to manage things from behind the scenes.

Should he get a slap down from the new Labour leader that will set him off even more. Gordon will be unable to conceive that his day as leader is over, that he failed and was removed. Unlike Neil Kinnock who was removed and fled to the rest home of the terminally stupid that is the EU, none of that for our Gordon.

Sure the Eu will give him some petty power but not power over the UK, over New Labour and this nation. That is Gordon's only desire. Woe betide any who dare get in his way, his sulks will know no bounds.

One day our Gordon, now a sad shambling figure avoiding my politicians of all colours, embittered to the point of lashing out at any who dare question his view, even avoided by TV hacks unless its the latest version of say Brass Eye out to take the piss at his expense; will realise that he is utterly and completely alone.

No more David Milibands to fawn over each word, no more clapping union types, no more hands to shake, no more attention from anyone.

So maybe he will go mad locking himself away in his house, naked and smeared in his own shit. Giggling insanely to an invisible cheering crowd that only he can hear. Taken away by the nice men in white suits, now smeared with Gordons shit.

Of course there is the other age old option that tyrants, despots and ego maniacs resort to when their fragile egos get shattered. Suicide. Now Gordon being Gordon will of course as he has in so many areas fuck this up.

But there is also this one: he will resort to the bottle becoming a mad drunk chosing instead the slow death that is the life of an alcholic tramp.

Let us hope that the last words he ever hears in his addled mind are those of John Hutton:

Update: Frankie Boyle on this week's Mock The Week, talking about Gordon Brown.
Because... every other time that I've seen Gordon Brown smiling it looks like he's trying to shit a sea-urchin."

More New Labour fuckwittery: Gordon Williams, fined for smoking in his own van...

Tax the plebs no matter the legality of the issue:

A self-employed painter and decorator has been given a £30 on-the-spot fine for smoking in his own van because it is classified as a workplace.

Gordon Williams, 58, went out to buy some teabags for his wife when he was stopped as part of a roadside check by council officials.

Moments earlier he had lit a cigarette and was issued the penalty notice under anti-smoking legislation that bans it in the workplace. Mr Williams, a grandfather, is planning to appeal against the fine even though his wife has already paid it.

So since when did council employees have the legal power to issue on the spot fines, unless they have become some branch of the New Labour Staatssicherheit(East German Stasi).
Although he uses the unmarked van to transport his paint and ladders he says it is not a workplace and he uses it only to travel to and from jobs.
Which makes it not a place of work but a private vehicle.

A view held by the Welsh Assembly who's spokesman said:
“Smoking is permitted in vehicles used for work purposes that are for the sole use of the driver and are not used as a workplace by anyone else.”
An illegal act by a council out to throw its weight about, welcome to Gordon Brown's Brave New Cool Britannia.

Glasgow east tells Gordon "cyclops" Brown to fuck off.

The ARA General Belgrano, sorry New Labour holed below the waterline and slowly sinking. The Capt. El Gordo keeps telling the crew that all is well whilst the crew have aside from the terminally stupid, taken to the lifeboats...
Gordon Brown suffered a devastating blow early today as Labour crashed to defeat in the Glasgow East by-election. The former Labour stronghold – previously the party's 25th safest seat in Britain – was captured by the Scottish National Party with a massive swing of 24 per cent. The SNP's John Mason triumphed with 11,277 votes, a hair's breadth ahead of Labour's Margaret Curran on 10,912 votes.

Last time they had a majority of 13,507 and the support of more than 60 per cent of voters. Oh and lets not forget that thanks to Gordon, the 86-year Labour grip on the area has been pissed away.

John Mason(SNP): 11,277 votes (43%) Majority: 365

Some background about Glasgow East, which was set up in 2005. From Wikipedia:

Prior to the 2005 general election, the city area was covered by ten constituencies, of which two straddled boundaries with other council areas. The East constituency includes the area of the former Glasgow Baillieston constituency and parts of the former Glasgow Shettleston constituency. Scottish Parliament constituencies retain the names and boundaries of the older Westminster constituencies.

Baillieston was always won by the Labour Party, as was its predecessor Glasgow Provan (UK Parliament constituency) from its creation in 1955. Shettleston was won by the Labour Party at every election from 1950 onwards (in 1945 it was won by the Independent Labour Party).
Roll on the day of the election, if they can not hold onto these so called safe seats the Labour party is fucked.

So long as they carry on borrowing to finance public finances, taxing and being little more than a passive rubber stamp for euro laws that bypass our House of Commons they will lose. So long as they keep on being soft on crime, having an open door to migrants, expanding the powers of the state then they will keep on losing and losing.

Now what was that word that leapt to mind as I sat watching the results come in on TV....Oh yes now I remember schadenfreude.

Obama - Israels Friend?

Will he stand by and watch Iran or some other moslem nation attack Israel?

An Israeli journalist called out to Obama: “Can you ensure that there will be no second Holocaust?”

Obama walked into the museum’s main building without responding.


Once again an Israeli journalist asked the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee how he’d help prevent a second Holocaust. "Senator can you assure Israel that there will be no second Holocaust despite Iran's threat to wipe us off the map?" he asked.

Obama demurred, saying that it wasn't appropriate to answer the question there.

"This is Yad Vashem!" the journalist responded.

Obama said he would answer the question at a later press availability.

He did not answer.

Yarmulke-wearing fraud Obama.

I bet the BBC that has working itself up into an Obama fest of late say not a word on that but cover Obama against global warming, Obama in Germany, Obama does this, Obama does that, Obama breaks wind, Obama takes a shit.

Whilst saying jack shit about McCain. John McCain by the way stated that he'll assure a second holocaust won't happen. Barack Obama had to be asked, and he still couldn't bring himself to answer. Maybe its that Islamic upbringing he had?...

Israel at least know that the lunatic running Iran is their enemy but it would appear that some enemies of Israel are happy to pay false respect for the dead whilst defaming the Yarmulke.

Mr Margetts - rubbish service

A story of an annoyed man.

When the dustbin men failed to collect his rubbish for a second time, Ian Margetts decided to kick up a stink. He called the council to complain - but says he became stuck in an automated call handling system. So he dragged his full wheelie bin to the town hall - and emptied it in the foyer. Satisfied that he had aired his grievance, the father of two went home.
But unfortunately for Mr Margetts, 45, the council didn't take his point. His protest had been caught on CCTV. Officials at Kirklees Council, West Yorkshire
He was traced him by an address on an envelope in the pile of rubbish and he was taken to court. Mr Margetts, of Cleckheaton, had been prepared to argue his corner, claiming that the council had failed to honour its 'statutory duties'. But after taking legal advice he admitted dumping waste without a licence and was given a 12-month conditional discharge by Dewsbury magistrates, and ordered to pay £475 costs.
Well done to Mr Margetts, the council who are there supposedly to work for him and other taxpayers(yeah right) provide a piss poor service. He loses his cool and rather than calling them a bunch of cunts like I or most of us do when presented by wanky service, instead he takes direct action.

When I am out tomorrow I shall raise a glass to Mr Margetts, as for his council who took their petty revenge and fucked him to the tune of £475 well like the majority of councils they are a collective bunch of cunts.

Hat tip to A Tangled Web

Gordon Brown owned by an 8yr old.

For a Prime Minister who seems to attract negative headlines, meeting a group of excited children at Downing Street must have felt like a welcome distraction.

But Gordon Brown's attempt to finally produce some positive PR backfired today when he was ambushed by an eight-year-old boy.

Little Charlie Doherty met the Prime Minister at Downing Street as a reward for being a finalist in a competition to find 'Britain's Kindest Kid'.

Charity champion Charlie explained that he had a mark on his nose after he was struck by his brother's boomerang on Wednesday.

He told Mr Brown how he had been treated at an NHS hospital near his home in Crawley, West Sussex.

But when the PM asked if it had taken a long time to be seen by casualty nurses, the youngster nonchalantly replied: 'Actually, I had to wait quite a while.'

**Fucking excellent, there is nothing. Not a single thing that this inept one eye'd cunny can do.

Well done Charlie Doherty. 10/10 for that one.

Abu Hamza - Off to the good ol US of A.

The radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has been refused permission to appeal to the House of Lords over a decision to extradite him to America on alleged terrorism charges.

The 49-year-old Egyptian born Muslim cleric, who is currently serving seven years in jail for soliciting murder and stirring up racial hatred, last month lost his High Court claim that extradition would be a breach of his human rights.

Sir Igor Judge, the President of the Queens Bench Division, dismissed an application by Hamza to challenge the High Court's decision.

**Hamza who has hooks instead of hands will be sadly missed by the Belmarsh panto group who's version of Hook
is said to very good since Hamza arrived!

Life in Soviet Britain: Miss Calvert-Mindell guilty of thought crime.

Another example of how the police are becoming instruments of the state, used more for social engineering and enforcement of New Labour thought crimes rather than catching criminals.

After being woken for the third time in one night by a group of drunken and noisy students, Jo Calvert-Mindell was at her wits' end.

The former policewoman got dressed, went outside and shouted at them: 'Why can't you go back to where you come from and make some noise there? I bet your families and neighbours wouldn't put up with it.

'You don't care about us and do just as you like. What gives you the right to frighten my elderly neighbours, cause damage and keep us awake at night?'

She also reported the incident to police, who came and dispersed the eight students.

The 51-year-old grandmother was astonished when four months later she was arrested and accused of being a racist. It turned out that two Asians in the group had complained to the police.

In April, Miss Calvert-Mindell, who has never been in trouble with the police before, was charged with using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour under section 5 of the Public Order Act.

In May, she appeared at Folkestone Magistrates' Court in Kent, where she denied the charge.

The case hung over her until the Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop it last week, admitting there was little chance of conviction. Now she is filing a complaint about the way the police treated her.

Yesterday, Miss Calvert-Mindell, a Liberal Democrat councillor and community volunteer, said: 'The last thing I am is a racist.

**Any vote for any Labour party member be that in local authority or in national government is a vote for a dictator state.Gay Gordon gives the bums up, sorry thumbs up to arresting people for thought crime.

**I wonder if my cunt of 2008 Tom Harris MP who could not understand us all being miserable thanks to his bosses ever expanding taxes, thinks that she has no reason to be upset and should just cheer up? Glasgow South MP Tom Harris is a cunt.


Traffic pledge broken: Bet you Gordon doesn't mention this.

Road traffic has increased by 14 per cent since Labour returned to power in 1997 – despite its pledge to cut vehicle journeys.

Car numbers have risen by 11 per cent while the amount of 'white van man' traffic has swelled by a hefty 40 per cent.

And, as the volume of traffic clogging our roads hits new highs each year, average speeds are falling, figures released yesterday revealed.

'Eleven years of a Labour government has led to a comprehensive catalogue of road policy failures...

Then transport secretary John Prescott said in 1997 he would have failed if car journeys were not reduced by 2002.

**I bet he feels sick about that one, enough to vomit up his taxpayer funded lunch maybe...But the Department for Transport figures showed car traffic now makes up 79 per cent of all traffic, with average speeds falling from 55.4mph to 55mph.

'The dire state of our roads must be tackled or the competitiveness of UK plc will be compromised,' said the British Chamber of Commerce.

However, the figures showed half as many drivers were now speeding compared with 1997 levels.

Meanwhile, drivers are fuming at government plans to further increase car tax charges, a survey out today revealed.

More than 80 per cent of AA members think the tax is being used as a stealth charge.

AA president Edmund King said there was 'confusion, mistrust and a lack of information' about the changes.

Mr King has written to chancellor Alistair Darling and asked for the scrapping of the 2009-2010 planned vehicle excise duty increases.

He said: 'We have called it a mean tax rather than a green tax.'

**And Labour fail again, as socialists do with each and every thing they do...


Gordon Brown - How to spin nothing into news and fail re Iraq.

Anyone catch the glorious one eye'd leader on pulling out troops from Iraq? We have 4100 in Iraq at this time:

The Prime Minister, who visited Iraq at the weekend, acknowledged that the rate of reduction of British troop numbers was not as rapid as he had hoped.

After previously offering optimistic targets for drawing down troops, Mr Brown was careful to not set specific timetables.

So in short he is keeping the troops there, has nothing to announce but spins the fact to make it look like he is doing something, one has to be seen to be looking busy.

Then we have this one from old one eye:
Mr Brown added that Syria must "clamp down on the movement of foreign fighters"
Yet (as I stated previously here)the number of foreign fighters coming over the border from Syria to bolster Al-Qaeda’s numbers is thought to have declined to as few as 20 a month, compared with 120 a month at its peak.

Brigadier General Abdullah Abdul, a senior Iraqi commander, said: “We’ve limited their movements with check-points. They are doing small attacks and trying big ones, but they’re mostly not succeeding.”

So he says nothing that is not already known an is even attempting to spin with regards Syria.

The man is a total fucking dickhead, hell he can't even do the sabre rattling routine without making a proverbial pigs ear of it.


EU & Bulgaria: "concerns about corruption and organised crime. " is that Bulgaria or the EU?

So the EU, that corrupt organ that even makes the theft on the part of our MP's look like small change; has decided to suspend aid worth hundreds of millions of euros because of concerns about corruption and organised crime.

My first thought was to laugh, quite how can an organisation like the the EU dare to lecture anyone with regards either of those points?

Spokesman Johannes Laitenberger said the EU was also withdrawing the right of two Bulgarian agencies to manage EU funds.

He said Bulgaria needed a new penal code to ensure more effective justice.

Now remind me again, quite how many years has the EU now gone without having its own financial accounts signed off? 13 according to the BBC

Paul Flynn - inuendo about John McCain.

Get this one from my local moonbat MP, the proven liar Paul Flynn MP:
Is it all over for McCain?

A cruel video spliced together a series of his blunders and it was posted on YouTube a couple of months ago. They are the errors that afflict everyone in public life, word stumbles, long vacant pauses, and name confusions. But the impression is dire for a person who wants to be president.
Sounds like my local MP Paul Flynn, if as I think he is hinting very strongly that McCain is declining with regards his mental abilities, then prehaps Mr Flynn should take a look closer to home.. What with the "stroke" that hospitalized him a few months back, the car crash, his being caught lying and losing his libel case the other year.

Recent weeks have been worse. He mixed up the Iraq surge with another earlier event. He referred to Czechoslovakia -- a country that hasn't existed since 1993 -- more than once. And earlier this week, he made another gaffe while on a TV interview, warning people about the dire situation at the "Iraq-Pakistan" border. Iraq and Pakistan do not share a border.

Most of these errors are in foreign affairs, which are supposed to be his strong suit over Obama. There may be a sad explanation for these repeated mistakes. If it’s the aging process, then he should be medically checked and, if necessary, eased out of the race if his faculties are in decline.

The prospect of a similar gaffe in a live debate against the word-perfect Obama is a cruel prospect that America should be spared.

Sadly for us here in the UK we have no way of removing brain addled old MP's from the House of Commons, Flynn is older than McCain so a case of the pot calling the kettle black. McCain was born in 1936, sure no spring chicken but still better than the tired old libelist who was born in Feb. 1935.

Odds on if anyone is to be wheeled out to bleat in his dotage(already there methinks...) about alleged global warming and to be listened to not so much with interest but with pity at his failing abilities it is Flynn.

I am sure that his last speech in the House of Commons will be so bad as to compare with that given by Lord Randolph Churchill on Uganda in June 1894, sadly unlike Lord Churchill my local MP will not have the excuse that he is dying from tertiary syphilis to use as an excuse.

He still has to explain where he got the figure of some 15,000 people dying from pollution a year in London from? I quote the "senile" MP here:
The Question I asked was

“15,000 people died in London last year from effects of air pollution. For the first time in 50, the works of cleaning up London’s atrocious air has been put into reverse this morning by the mayor’s decision to encourage more polluting, gas guzzling Chelsea tractors to pollute the air we breathe. What can the Government do to protect Londoners from the anti-environment excesses from Boris the Buffoon?”

As of yet no figures, no links to websites proving said facts that 15000 died last year? Would that be 15000 per year or is the figure an accumulation of various figures? Is that in duet to Labour policy over the last 11 years? What facts, from where? What data?

Here are some photos that this decrepit old MP posted that show is rapid slide in mental faculties:
Flynn's lying makes his hair stand up!
Flynn go's into Labour policy announcement mode and all his hair stands up.
Oh I feel so so lucky to have this representing my interests in the House of Commons...

Alan Johnson: Worthless lardy hugger, oh and a total cunt.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson today called for an end to stigmatising the obese.

The Cabinet minister warned that 'vilifying' fat people will not make them lose weight or solve Britain's obesity 'epidemic'.

Instead, Mr Johnson proposed a national campaign tackling unhealthy lifestyles.

**Another national campaign, wow! How do New Labour ever think these ideas up? Like all the others on drinking, salt intake, knifes and so on...

His comments come only a week after David Cameron said the overweight had only themselves to blame and they must take personal responsibility for their condition.

But in a speech to the Fabian Society in London, Mr Johnson made a veiled attack on the Conservative leader by saying the Government does not have a licence to 'hector' and 'lecture' people on how they live their life.

**And this from New Labour, who keep on hectoring and lecturing people on exactly how to run their lives, then taxing them when they choose not to listen.

Mr Johnson said: 'Just as the Government has a moral duty to tackle poverty and exclusion, so it also has a duty to address obesity.

But this is not a licence to hector and lecture people on how they should spend their lives - not least because this will not work.

'Research shows us that vilifying the extremely fat doesn't make people change their behaviour. Commentators who point and shout at pictures of the morbidly obese simply fuel the problem.

**Much like how they have tackled child poverty, oh hang on they cock'd that one up as the figures are on the up...

'Those whose seriously unhealthy lifestyles are not advertised by their waist lines will simply say: 'Well that's not me. I don't need to change what I do.' But if you present the message more intelligently ... then people respond.'

**Oh do fuck off Alan, seriously. Who is going to take you seriously when you allow shit like this to happen in the NHS.

Harvey Parry, who lost his legs to meningitis a week after starting to walk, faces a lifetime of uncertainty.

The NHS has threatened to halt part of the two-year-old's treatment because his parents plan to buy him a new set of legs through a private healthcare company.

Ever since doctors had to amputate both legs and part of his right hand in March 2007, the NHS has been trying to find suitable replacement legs.

Or maybe this: link

A terminally ill cancer patient has claimed she is being "cheated" out of NHS care because she wants to pay privately for a breast cancer drug.

Debbie Hirst, from Carbis Bay, Cornwall, said she was told by the Royal Cornwall Hospital that if she pays for the drug Avastin, her free NHS treatment will stop.

Or even this: link

A Grandmother whose free NHS treatment was withdrawn because she paid privately for anti-cancer drugs has died.

Yesterday Linda O'Boyle's husband condemned the policy behind the decision and said it had made his dying wife's last months even more stressful.

Mrs O'Boyle, 64, had been receiving state-funded treatment - including chemotherapy - for colon cancer.

But when she took cetuximab, a drug which promised to extend her life but is not available on the NHS, her health trust made her start paying for her care

Still Alan who pocketed a cool £111,021 in expenses for 2006/07, cares not a jot. A statist who is happy for the very patients he is ultimately in charge of, to die thanks to policies he helped to bring in. A freedom hater who thinks that we all need ID cards.

The sort of bloke who can bleat on about rights for hours yet thinks that anyone who has a touch of the tarbrush about them should be locked up for 42 days, after all you never know what they might do?

Alan Johnson one who should do the world a favour and step out in front of a bus.


Credit crunch? Not for the House of Commons

Our beloved MPs had fled, having just started their 75-day summer recess.

Yep. Whilst our bills soar, they soar off to cushy holidays abroad, sure a few are patting the plebs on the head and showing solidarity with the workers by holidaying here in Blighty and coming across as patronising cunts to boot.

Whilst we scrimp and save they raid our pockets for cash.

When you are wondering of how to feed the family, think of the poor MP paid for his or her 75 days off and still entitled to a cushy £400 quid a month food allowance.

Struggling to pay the mortgage, well thats fucking hard luck, as MP's blag most of the money off us for their second homes.

Rising utility bills a problem, well you can again piss off as MP's claim all that back.

Hell they even claim that we as their employer should pay this largely worthless shower of cunnys even more money for doing a crap job, despite the fact that well over 70% of laws and regulations now come direct from the EU. More pay for less work, lovely!

Got to love em', actually no but I would love to see most of them dancing the gallows jig.

Back online

After moving, getting broadband/new phone line and cable tv put in, as well as having to fix the bloody pc again!

Updates soon(ish) off for a well earned kip!

Fabian Society & banning the word Chav.

The Fabian Society has called for the word "Chav" to be banned. The arguement is put forward in the context that the word nigger could not be used, before drifting off into Guardian like leftie la la land claiming that it is middle class hatred of the white working class.

In short complete and utter monkey spunk! Chavs are mocked by folk of all classes, hell chavs come from all social classes. As for the bit about it being hatred of the white working class, well first off a lot of them do not work, oh and quite a few are not white either.

Not sure if it is dirt or if they are the "brown babies" from the classic Cathy Burke skit with Harry Enfield:

The term is widely used is slang for a young person of low social status, often wearing designer sportswear.

The Fabian Society doesn't like that, Tom Hampson (Fabian Society editorial director) believes that the term betrays a deep level of "class hatred" and is "deeply offensive to a largely voiceless group".

**The "chav" is nothing to do with class hatred, indeed chavs and the chav look is spread across social groups. Many people choose to wear the chav look with pride, fuck knows why but they do and that is their right.

As for voiceless, well hardly. Tv panders to the chav, hell people like Tricia Goddard has made a damn fine living interviewing them(for those who don't know who she is, think a black American Jerry Spinger and you get the gist) as have many others.

The UK sitcom "Two pints of larger" was based on chavs, so voiceless is utter rubbish.

I hardly think that the knuckle dragging, larger swilling, wife beating, feral child rising, benefit drawing, council estate living, unable to string a sentence together in the Queens English chav is going to be giving a proverbial "flying fuck" quite what the Fabian Society thinks.

Bishop bashes Labour: Bishop Joseph Devine

The highly controversial embryos Bill has cost the Government its “ethical credibility” with voters, a Roman Catholic Bishop has warned ahead of a by-election in East Glasgow.

Bishop Joseph Devine is Scotland’s second most senior Roman Catholic figure.

He has warned that Catholic voters in Glasgow are appalled by the unethical measures contained in the embryos Bill and they may express their displeasure at the ballot box.

The Bill allows for animal-human embryos and ’saviour siblings’. It also removes a requirement for doctors to consider a child’s need for a father in IVF treatment.

During the passage of the Bill, Gordon Brown failed to support attempts to lower the time limit for abortion.

The Government has delayed the final votes on the embryos Bill until the autumn, blaming scheduling problems.

But observers suggest that the real reason is the Prime Minister’s anxiety over the crucial Glasgow East by-election, which will take place on 24 July.

In a letter to Scottish Labour MPs Bishop Devine said the Government has “lost its ethical credibility in the nation at large” because of the Bill.

“Christian people have not changed. It is Labour that has broken its pact with Christian voters,” he added.

“What are we to do when our religion is attacked and our conscience outraged? When one considers the self-inflicted injuries this Labour Government has visited upon itself, one could be forgiven for thinking it had some kind of death wish.”

**No prizes for guessing that -excuse the cheap use of puns here - many Labour MP's and supporters will be bashing the Bishop. After all if he dares to speak his mind and express a view against that of the party he must be a homophobe and/or some other form of bigot.

Expect a long winded bishop bashing from hatchet faced hariden Polly Toynbee in the Guardian or some BBC commie scum to lambast his viewpoint. But with regards the BBC it is strange how they never lambast the viewpoint of another world religion, that engages in suicide bombings, represses women, allows and approves of female genital mutilation as well as opressing any viewpoint it dislikes.


More Labour sleaze:Don Touhig grafting spiv.

...please read this at Cambria Politico.
Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph has disclosed that the Islwyn MP ‘made the windfall profit on his Westminster flat which was bought in 1998 and sold for more than double the amount in 2007.’ Touhig sold the flat last year for £305,000. Records do not show how much he paid for the property which he is understood to have claimed as his “second home”‘, however similar flats in the same block cost less than £130,000 in 1998. This ‘second home’ status means that Touhig was eligible to claim more than £20,000 a year for the property,’ the report continued.
New Labour morality at its finest...Yet another champagne socialist getting richer off of the publics taxes.
Hat Tip to:Cyical Dragon

Lazy council workers go on strike.

Well the council workers went on strike the other day, lo and behold the world did not stop, the sun rose as per normal and aside from kids having the day off and a bit of rubbish not being collected the effects on the UK was bugger all. We have 2 weekly collections with regards rubbish now so no one cares if it sits there a day extra.

The Unison strike also happened to coincide with "cheap beer day" (Wednesday) in the local JD Wetherspoon pubs. In one particular pub the so called "underpaid" members of Newport Council spent the afternoon -as I was informed by the manager - imbibing various pints and bottles and loudly proclaiming their socialist(sic) values much to the annoyance of several other customers.

One particular loudmouth boasted of some 9 pints drunk(he was on No.9) at the time of my arrival in that pub after work. I do wonder if the two day strike was planned so that loudmouthed council workers can sleep off their hangover after day one of a hard day picketing/getting pissed in the pub.
**And here he is, great things mobiles with cameras on board!

A comment that amused me from the bald slaphead above, was there there was lots of government money to pay the workers what they were owed: Well I shall correct that, there is not. The government does not have money, it raises it through taxes both direct and indirect. In of itself HM Govt has not even got a bean.

As for the point of what they are owed? Hell as I shall no doubt be taxed to pay for their wages, I feel that I should have some input into what they are paid. They work a cushy 36 hours a week, get loads of holidays and a nice pension at the end of it all paid for by folk like me.

Oh I will also bring up the fact that slap head was rather abusive with regards his employer: Newport City Council, who he regards as a "bunch of wankers", "usless fuckers", "timeservers", "petty jobsworths" and "shit" - Maybe he should reconsider his job options and when he realises that he will be damn lucky to find a job in the private sector with half the perks he has he will maybe hold his employer in less contempt.

Although that said, it may be that some department manager whilst trawling the internet in work looking for animal sex porn or whatever it is that the legions of "timeservers" - slap heads word not mine - do to fill eight hours a day, will come across this and remove slaphead from the job he appears to hate doing.

Mind you I think that if council jobs if it was run on private sector lines, most would by now be done by some chap called Ali in a call centre on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Pay council workers more, when and if they provide decent services and work as hard as private sector workers, then yes but until then they can go fuck themselves.

Oh and that includes you as well slap head.

Still awaiting an answer from the proven liar Paul Flynn MP, re 15000 dead from pollution.

Who said that some 15,000 people had died from pollution in London?

His words:
The Question I asked was

“15,000 people died in London last year from effects of air pollution. For the first time in 50, the works of cleaning up London’s atrocious air has been put into reverse this morning by the mayor’s decision to encourage more polluting, gas guzzling Chelsea tractors to pollute the air we breathe. What can the Government do to protect Londoners from the anti-environment excesses from Boris the Buffoon?”

As of yet no figures, no links to websites proving said facts that 15000 died last year? Would that be 15000 per year or is the figure an accumulation of various figures? Is that in duet to Labour policy over the last 11 years? What facts, from where? What data?

The lying MP has provided no facts to back up his claims and has been very quiet about it since and expects people to accept his figures on the basis of his word. A word which quite frankly is worth about as much a Zimbabwe bank note that has passed its use by date!

Come on Flynn lets see the evidence of the 15000 dead that you stated, after all I would not want people to think that you were doing your think of exaggerating facts for cheap headlines, or maybe lying as you did over Endowment Justice who sued you for libel and won. Cost to Flynn some 36K and a apology on his website, since removed as Labour like to gloss over bad news.
Flynn's lying makes his hair stand up!
Flynn go's into Labour policy announcement mode and all his hair stands up.
Believe it or not these are genuine photos that this past his sell by date MP posted on his website. Nice to see that politics is taken seriously here in the UK, although not by my senile MP, well maybe not senile but acting like it...