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Crosspost: Paul Flynn is a cock part 5.

A crosspost from The Cynical Dragon. Do pop over and have a read of parts 1-4, all rather good stuff. But anyway on with this class post fisking Paul Flynn MP:

In what seems like a marathon of stupidity, Paul Flynn is really going hell for leather in providing this blog with future blog posts . This is his latest screed against the Tobacco industry and pro-choice organisations.
Hilariously Colin Grainger adds, “Freedom2Choose is not pro-smoking - it is a pro-choice organisation - we neither condemn nor condone what is, after all, a legal pastime for adults.” I have replied asking who funds this group.

No prize for guessing whom it might be.
So Paul is answering the question with his own prejudice before getting the answer.

Ten seconds on Google would've given you the answer Paul. Not that you wanted the truth.
Unlike ASH or CRUK, FREEDOM2CHOOSE doesn’t receive any funding, there’s no big industry backing us, no Lottery grants or Government handouts, only what we raise ourselves.

Unless Paul Flynn has evidence to the contrary he should be careful about the insinuation that the Tobacco Industry is backing this group. Wouldn't want to end up in court again would you Paul? Wouldn't want a repeat of the Endowment Justice debacle now would you?

What a fantastic person to have as an elected official.

Oh and Paul, the point that Colin Grainger makes is perfectly valid. You don't have to be pro-smoking to support the liberty of adults to indulge in what is a legal pastime.

A rather good point. Still it is not the first time that Paul Flynn has been a tad "confused", take this letter from Private Eye that I spotted in issue .1204.

Sir, Is the Paul Flyn, MP for Newport, who so fulsomely congratulated Peter Hain on his "eighth successive year of distinguished service as Sec. of State for Wales" the same Paul Flynn, MP for Newport, who in his 1999 book, Dragons led by poodles, described him as having "been compared with Odo, Star Trek's shape-shifter who liquefies at the end of each day and sleeps in a bucket then later emerges in any shape he wishes"? Apparently Hain had "the capacity of being on all sides - simultaneously". Somewhat mysteriously Flynn referred to him at that time as having succeeded to the Welsh Office "without a shudder of guilt". Not how he left it, eh!
The letter was by someone called John Newsinger, well said sir! I covered that before: Here

Ay, and now the photo's of Mr Flynn's hair that have pride of place on each post about him.

The spike, leaning to the right there.

The Twin Towers?

Sadly the voters of Newport are stuck with our designer haired chimp until the next election...

Oh and lastly a Link to story of Mr Flynn's libel case...

Battery recycling.

I spot a government cock up approaching.

Back in 2006, we signed up as a nation for this.
The European Union has agreed the text of a law that will make recycling of batteries obligatory from 2008.

The directive will ban most batteries with more than a trace of the toxic chemicals cadmium or mercury.

It says a quarter of all used batteries must be collected by 2012 - rising to 45% by 2016 - and that at least half of them must be recycled.

It also says all batteries must be clearly labelled to show how long they will last, from 2009 onwards.

The compromise text was agreed by a delegation from the parliament and representatives of the member states on Tuesday, in a procedure known as conciliation.

All sounds rather good, can't really complain about collecting some batteries and stopping lots of chemicals going into rivers and the water table. But we seem to be lagging behind somewhat, as this shows.
The first collection targets set by the Directive, for 25% of batteries, will now have to be achieved by September 26, 2012.

The second target, for 45% of batteries, is set for September 2016.

Figures for 2002 put Britain's collection rate for batteries at just 0.5%. This compared to 59% for Belgium and 55% for Sweden.

Whoops! As we (as of 2002) only collect some 0.5% that's a lot of batteries to gather up. We would appear to be lacking behind our Euro friends "slightly"
Belgium 59% - Us 0.5%
Sweden 55% - Us 0.5%
Austria 44% - Us 0.5%
Germany 39% - Us 0.5%
The Netherlands 32% - Us 0.5%
France 16% - Us 0.5%(Ye gods, even the French are beating us!)

The new Directive requires accessible recycling points will have to be set up, with distributors taking spent batteries back for recycling free of charge to the last owner.

A series of "efficiency" targets has also been set for the reprocessing of the materials from collected batteries. These include recycling 65% of lead-acid batteries, 75% of nickel-cadmium batteries and 50% of other batteries collected, all targets calculated by weight.

These efficiencies targets are to be achieved no later than September 26, 2010.

Now we have 2 years, just two years to get this up and running across the UK. That is almost from scratch.
Anyone else think that we as a nation are going to miss the targets, what with government inaction since 2006?...Oh and we lack recycling plants and so we also face fines.
See here.

And, although there are a handful of plants capable of processing the steel cases of batteries, none can deal with the hazardous chemicals they contain.

If ministers miss the 2012 deadline, they face daily fines – and a repetition of the 2002 fridge fiasco when they failed to set up fridge recycling ­facilities in time.

A spokesman for watchdog Waste Watch said: 'The government is leaving it very late. It needs to act now.'

The British Battery Manufacturers Association said it was 'unreasonable' to expect it to pay for collection bins.

But environment ministry Defra said: 'The Department fully intends to meet the collection targets. We have to get the new system right.'

Defra?! God help us. They say that "We have to get the new system right.", well setting up a system across the UK in just two years is going to take some doing. Never mind getting it right, try getting a system set up first off.

The Defra page is here

Check this doublespeak from Defra off the above page:
Q4. The UK has a poorly developed collection infrastructure for consumer batteries, currently collecting less than 2% of these when they become waste. How do you plan to meet the challenging Directive targets within four years of transposition date?

As part of the BREW (Business Resource Efficiency and Waste) programme being run by Defra, the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) have been asked to undertake work to develop options for a cost effective UK battery collection infrastructure.

They answer the question by saying that they are looking at ways of answering that question....

Here is a solution for Defra, whilst I was on holiday abroad I noticed lots of plastic tubes with battery symbols on for the recycling of batteries.

Alas I fear that this is beyond the capacities of New Labour/Defra to manage, we will get fined and Gordon will engage in some busy dithering, nail biting and buck passing.

More lost data: NHS this time.

A SENIOR hospital manager has been suspended after a laptop containing the personal data of thousands of patients was stolen, a health trust said today.

The details, including names, dates of birth and treatment plans, were taken from the employee’s car in the Borders region of Scotland on June 18.

A spokesman for Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, in Essex, said a police investigation had been launched into the theft of its data.

Barclays Bank: More bank fuckwittery.

Barclays send a customer, soon to be an ex-customer I imagine a note calling him a bastard.

Security guard Brian, 37, was sent the handwritten abuse with a statement he had requested.

On a covering letter, signed on behalf of the manager at the customer services HQ in Leicester, was the scrawl: “You should get a job, no money in your account you trampy b*****d.”

Brian, of Wingrave, Bucks, said: “It’s a complete insult. I was really angry.”

Barclays said the comments were written by an employee on their last day in a deliberate act to embarrass the company.

Brian has been offered £250 compensation, but said: “I would like more money. It’s disgusting.”

Go Brian. Tell them to fuck themselves, stick the £250 notes up their corporate cunny and set light to it. Barclays, as I know from bitter experience are shit, not the normal level of shit that one comes across from businesses now and then, but provide a 100% brilliant level of shittiess.

Even on the piss poor standard of banks(see last post for an example) they manage to excell at being very very poor at handling business and customer care(or should that be care less?!)

From a personal point I have had mis-selling(four times off of them), misadvice more times than I can remember, a total lack of communication between departments, lies, bullshit and charges on top of charges. This despite the fact that I was told that the original error was their fault and that even though it was their fault they see no reason to remove charges put on because of that.

Sure I won my case, took my money and walked away. However I never to this day infact had anyone, not a single person in that entire clusterfuck of a corporate whore of a bank ever say sorry.

Some points you won't see Barclays putting in their adverts: Being raided by the OFT.

Their boss getting a cool
27 million quid a year. One would think he would resolve some of the customer complaints for that amount of dosh.

Barclays lifted the lid on the wealth of board director Bob Diamond today by revealing he took home more than £27m last year and sits on shares in the ambitious high street bank worth £65m.

In addition, the American banker is in line for a further £14.8m this year if a three-year performance pay plan achieves its goal.

Oh and they were investigated by BBC undercover: http://newportcity.blogspot.com/2007/03/barclays-bank-bbc-undercover.html

also http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6476155.stm


More on Gordon "cyclops" Brown being doomed:

Here's another vote of no confidence in the useless, one eyed, dour calvinistic, statist, authoritarian cuntbubble that is our PM....
Labour is doomed under Gordon Brown's leadership, former party donor Sir Gerry Robinson has said.

Sir Gerry, a businessman who last gave money to Labour in 2005, told BBC News Mr Brown had put it in "probably an impossible position to come back from".

He was one of four Labour backers to tell a newspaper they were reluctant to fund Labour with Mr Brown at the helm.

The party is also facing a financial crisis, with the prospect of repaying millions of pounds in loans made to it by wealthy individuals when Tony Blair was in charge.

The party - which files its annual accounts next week - is relying on support from the big trade unions as it seeks fresh donors.

But Sir Gerry, who has given £70,000 to Labour since 2001, said he would not be contributing any more funds until there was a change of leader.
Just a matter of time until the knives come out, I think another by-election fuck up or two should do the job. Still could not happen to a more useless man. Although I think that some pressure from the purse holders in the unions might see Brown off, especially if the bailiffs come a knocking at the door first.

Oh and well said Sir Gerry Robinson, a tad more polite than I have put things but the point is the same.

Ltsb: Making a profit.

You got to admire their drive to make a profit, no matter what the cost:

A High Street bank is giving children debit cards that could let them buy cigarettes, alcohol and porn videos over the internet.

Lloyds-TSB is mailing the cards direct to children as young as 11 without telling their parents.

One 15-year-old boy used his to buy cheap cigarettes, Viagra and a fake adult ID online.

MPs, consumer groups and parents have reacted with horror. LibDem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable said: 'It is deeply dispiriting. This is clearly motivated by short-term greed.'

In the past, children aged 11 to 15 who hold current accounts were restricted to debit cards that could be used only in cash machines or at bank branches.

The new cards could let them spend large sums on the web, potentially emptying their accounts, without their parents' knowledge.

The cards are Visa-enabled, meaning they can be used anywhere that displays a Visa sign. The bank takes a fee from the retailer every time a card is used.

Lloyds-TSB insists it is up to parents to keep a check on how children use the cards and says there are safeguards to ensure they cannot be used on adult websites.

But the 15-year-old, from South Wales, had no problem buying goods supposedly restricted to adults.

His parents found out only when they received a Customs demand for duty on the cigarettes, which had been bought from a website based overseas.

Mind you the directors are not doing to badly thank you kindly, having pocketed some £12million in their piggy banks last year. Oh and pay increases of 9% in January.

The boardroom bonanza emerged as the bank faces the wrath of union leaders for imposing a pay cut on thousands of staff.

Lloyds TSB's annual report released yesterday reveals its American chief executive Eric Daniels was the biggest winner, pocketing almost £3m - up 18 per cent. This included a £1.8m bonus despite the six per cent dip in the bank's profits caused by a £280m hit from the credit crunch.

Add to that the fact that slip a penny into the red and Lloyds are more than happy to stick a huge charge on the account. After all not that you customers mind, it all go's on the running costs of a certain Mr Eric Daniels.

As I stated before:LLoyds TSB directors are cunts

My only advise to people is to shop around, after all a certain high street bank with a name ending in "West" has it's call centers here in the UK.

Go on make the switch, help put an Indian call operator out of work...

My sympathies lay with the poor fuckers still there doing the job, slogging away afeared of being fired for breathing without due care and attention and hoping to make ends meet and pay the mortgage each month.

As for Lloyds should they not be happy at my words, well fuck em with the proverbial bargepole right up the ring. They drove me to the edge and I came out a lot stronger afterwards.

I still remember the shit - will never forget -so look forward to hearing from LTSB legal dept.

Mind you they can always wheel out my libel case losing MP(Paul Flynn) for some free pr work on their behalf.

The NHS - Safe in Labours hands? Not likely.

A sad story about a hospital that I pass each day on the way to work.

THE heartbroken daughters of a pensioner left to die on a hospital trolley have blasted the nurses who failed to take care of their dying dad.

Brin Williams, 74, was ignored as he lay in agony on a narrow hospital trolley for more than 18 hours before he died at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.

Nurses forgot to give him painkillers, failed to check up on him for six hours at a time and did not recognise he was dying from an ulcer.

His daughters Olwen Ford, 56, and Caroline Bell, 53, have been fighting for justice for more than five years.

And finally this week the three nurses who were trusted to look after him were slammed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Catherine Marshall, Olatunde Oketikun and Mark Pittman were each given a five-year caution for failing to provide “the most basic care”.

Olwen, a nurse herself, said: “Our dad was totally ignored and abandoned. To them he was just another old, dying man and he wasn’t their priority.

“Despite the fact that he was unwell, I thought he was in the right place and was being looked after. We left him at their mercy – and he was totally let down.”

Brin, a former coal merchant, from Abercarn, was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains in February 2003, which doctors later discovered was a stomach ulcer.

But he was left in excruciating agony on a trolley after the nurses failed to carry out the checks that would have quickly diagnosed him and could have saved him.

When Caroline arrived at the hospital she found her dad gripping the sides of his trolley and crying out in pain.

She quickly alerted the nurses – but they still did nothing for another three hours. They only then took action once he was found in a collapsed state.

Caroline, a support worker, said: “I couldn’t believe what was happening. Me and my daughter were crying.

“I didn’t understand why he couldn’t speak – but I could see he was dying. And by that point he knew that he was dying too.”

Eventually, the seriousness of the situation was realised, and he was rushed into an emergency operation before being looked after in intensive care. But it was too late – and Brin tragically never came round again.

Olwen said: “We just sat there in complete shock. Once he was out of A&E and into intensive care he was looked after superbly – there was a stark difference.

“But you never hear of someone dying from a ulcer. It was operable and he should have survived it.

“What made it all the more difficult was it was his first time our dad had ever been to hospital. I think that’s why we couldn’t get to grips with it.

“Before he went to hospital he was fit and active, always walking the dog and never had any problems. And then he went to the Royal Gwent.”

Devastated by their loss, Olwen and Caroline knew they had to fight for their father and find out why he was so badly let down.

They took matters into their own hands – but claim the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust continuously put up barriers to stop them finding out exactly what went wrong.

“The whole process has been a very long road, and a very tortuous one too,” said Olwen. “We asked to meet with the nurses individually but the Trust said they didn’t do that.

“The Trust were continuously uncooperative and wouldn’t answer our questions.”

After months of fighting the daughters were offered a pitiful £5,000 in compensation by the Trust, which was then increased to £10,000.

Caroline said: “We never did it for the money, but we felt someone had to be accountable.

“All the Trust had to do was apologise to us, but to begin with they didn’t even offer their condolences.”

The daughters then reported the incident to the Ombudsman, who is in charge of investigating failures made by public services.

He found severe failings in the care provided by the three nurses. In his damning report, carried out in 2004, he said Brin was ignored for almost 12 hours.

He said: “I feel that there has been a major failure to provide even the most basic care in this case.

“The nursing care Mr Williams received was unacceptable.

“In this case it seems that Mr Williams was almost totally ignored between 9.35am and 8pm.

“This complaint reflects badly on both the individual staff and the leadership qualities of the accident and emergency management team.

“It is clear that Mr Williams experienced a very poor standard of care and treatment whilst in the accident and emergency department at the Royal Gwent.

“Mrs Ford explained that when her sister visited in the evening of the 5th of February she found Mr Williams in severe pain.

“I find it both surprising and extremely concerning that none of the nurses appear to have noticed this or if they did they didn’t notify a doctor.”

A Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust spokesman said they apologised to the family following the “tragic case”.

He added: “The family also received a full explanation regarding the care Mr Williams received as they had requested.

“The actions taken by the Trust as a result of its internal investigations and the Ombudsman’s Report were explained in detail and assurances given that where issues had been identified, action had been taken to minimise any potential risk of any future shortcomings.”

But for Brin’s family the damage has already been done – and nothing will bring their beloved father back.

Caroline said their mum Barbara, 80, still can’t believe the way her husband had been treated.

“Our mum could never get over the fact that he was so badly let down,” she said. “She’s never been able to come to terms with it. He was a superb grandfather, husband and father. He showed everyone respect. He was an exceptional man.

“If any one of those nurses working in the department had ever asked Dad to help them, he would have done it.

“The irony of the situation is that he would have helped anyone. When he asked for help in his hour of need it wasn’t there for him. Dad really believed in the NHS and always defended it, which made it even worse.”

For the family, this week marks the end of a painful journey.

Olwen said: “I hope that it will prevent something like this happening again, but you can’t help but wonder how many other people this has happened to.

“Everyone has to die and all we wanted was to say that he passed away while he was being looked after, in the knowledge that the doctors did all they could.

“But we just can’t say that.”

**I covered the Royal Gwent before when it was featured on a local TV program about the poor quality of cleaners. link to previous post: week in, week out.

Sadly neither of my local MP's in Newport(Paul Flynn & Jessica Morden), has actually bothered to comment online about either this scandal involving the death of Mr Williams, or the poor standards of cleaning in the Royal Gwent.

Nothing, not a peep, no mention of bringing this up in The House, no mention of awkward questions to be asked the managers of the Royal Gwent.

Maybe they have more important issues to deal with, rather than answering awkward questions on the poor state of the NHS after 11 years of socialist misrule.

Socialist Britain - Home to scroungers and jihadists.

Hat tip to MK for these.

Daily Mail - Disability benefits are costing taxpayers an extra £3.1billion a year under Labour - and a major factor is a massive rise in the number of claimants who are drug addicts and alcoholics, according to newly released documents. Over the past ten years, the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) budget has soared from £5.7billion to £8.8billion a year - enough to build 20 new ’super hospitals’. And papers released under the Freedom of Information Act disclose that the number of drug addicts and alcoholics claiming the £60-a-week payment has risen five-fold, from 3,000 in 1997 to almost 17,000 last year.

Ok, some simple logic here: Drug addiction/alchol addiction is self inflicted. Quite simply all the hand holding in the world is not going to sort these people out, they need to have their DLA payments cut off as they are not a disability in any way.

So what else we are paying for:

• Claimants suffering from ' psychosis' - a form of mental illness often caused by smoking cannabis - leapt from 63,000 to 148,000.

Again self inflicted, not an illness rather a case of supporting our very own dope heads in their indolent lifestyles.

• The claim of 'back pain - not specified' has more than doubled from 56,000 to 123,000, costing the taxpayer an extra £291million.

Ah, that old one. The mystery pain that stops 1 in 5 of the people in the South Wales toilet of Merthyr Tydfil from getting up and going to work of a morning.
Here be dolescum.

If you are ever in South Wales, keep going on past it is a crap hole.

Daily Mail - American counter-terrorism chiefs are demanding a full explanation from Britain of how radical cleric Abu Hamza was able to smuggle murderous messages from his UK prison cell to Al Qaeda’s deputy leader. [snip] Hook-handed Hamza was jailed for seven years in Britain in 2006 for inciting murder and racial hatred and is held at Belmarsh prison, South-East London, supposedly one of Britain’s most secure jails. But according to senior American intelligence sources, Hamza evaded the extensive security measures surrounding him to send a series of questions to Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man. Among the most serious accusations is one that he was involved in the kidnap by Islamic radicals of 16 tourists in the Yemen in 1998. Four hostages, including three Britons, died in a rescue attempt.

And again we see the so called security here in the UK is full of holes. Government workers who lose data discs, leave documents on trains, throw details into skips, hell they even lose terror suspects who pop into the local mosque and vanish...

So it is hardly of any surprise when Capt. Hook Hamza is able to spout his hate from his prison cell.

Of course we could torture the answers out of him, or is that getting as uncivilized as the moslem barbarians who wage jihad?...


Life in Gordon Brown's cool Britannia: Frank McCourt arrested

A former soldier, Frank McCourt, has been charged after making a citizen's arrest.

When Mr McCourt, of Crawley, West Sussex, was confronted by youths hurling stones and threatening his wife, he thought he was within his rights to make a citizen's arrest. Instead, police arrested the 56-year-old on suspicion of kidnapping. They treated the youths as traumatised witnesses.

They put Mr McCourt in a cell and charged him with assault. They let him live for months with the threat of a jail sentence until – after the intervention of a local MP – the Crown Prosecution Service decided that taking Mr McCourt to trial was "not in the public interest".

Sitting in a front room full of family photographs and his wife's ceramic ornaments, Mr McCourt has his freedom but, he says, "a little bit of me has been destroyed forever – the bit that believed in British justice, that thought I would get help when I needed it, instead of being betrayed."

And as Mr McCourt tells his story, it does indeed seem hard not to fear what it might reveal about modern British justice.

To his neighbours, he is a hero. They had been preparing placards and planned to demonstrate outside the crown court during his trial. The police, they say, were of little use against antisocial behaviour.

Mr McCourt claims that the police were also of little use when, a fortnight after his preliminary court appearance, dog excrement was smeared on his van. "When I phoned, they said 'We'll give you a crime number'. That was it."

When the intimidation continued, with a night-time call from men challenging him to a fight, the police did at least visit. Three-and-a-half hours after the men had left.

Mrs McCourt, 59, is politely incredulous at suggestions that the police might defend them. "They are extremely nice to your face," she says. "Then they look around and think, 'Who's the easiest one to charge?' We call it back-to-front Britain: the hard-working, honest people are sent to the back. The yobs go to the front of the queue."

Well, there you have a picture of the broken society that the socialists have created, the feral youth have rights, the police have become neutered and as the McCourts said "Who's the easiest one to charge?" - Unlike the feral youth who have the backing of Guardian reading social workers, the ordinary people often make the best victims. After all Gordon's targets on policing have to be met.
You know what?" says Mr McCourt. "I even thanked them for coming." The officers spoke to him, then the boys. "They said, 'There's been a serious allegation. We must investigate. We are arresting you for kidnapping.' I thought they were joking." They took him to Crawley police station to be bailed, then drove him home to a wife who was "in floods of tears".

In the early days, he claims, some police officers were sympathetic. "One said, 'If it had been me, I would have slapped him.' They said those kids were known to the police. They reassured me it was 'nothing, rubbish'. Of course I believed them. I thought the case was bound to be dropped."

His illusions were shattered in April, when he answered bail for the second time and ended up being charged. "They searched me, took my shoes away. They took DNA samples. They put me in a cell for two hours. I wasn't frightened. I was angry."

Oh yes, the DNA database as touted by blind spiv and scribbler for The Sun tabloid, David Blunkett, who states that it is the biggest in the world. Despite the number of people like Mr McCourt who are put on it for trivial reasons. Oh Blunkett is also a director of a firm touting for business with regards the DNA database, so naturally no question of conflict of interests there...

Since last March Blunkett been chairman of the international advisory committee of Entrust Inc, the Texas based security company which hopes to provide software for the UK ID cards system.

Now move along nothing to see here, remember according to government propaganda crime is down, all is well.

The socialists create a nightmare society, devoid of any values, then attack those who attempt to defend themselves.

Update: DK has a wonderfull statement on what he thinks of the police involved in this case:here

And if I were the police officers involved, I would go and hang myself in the public square with a big placard around my neck, saying...
"I am a total fucking cunt. Please throw dogshit at my hanging body and let the crows peck out my eyes. Then dismember my body and bury the various bits in unconsecrated ground near the crossroads. Then piss on the graves and take a dump in my skull. I am a total fucking shit and I don't deserve to live."
I have to say that I agree with him, although I would start at the top. First off the authoritarian cunt Gordon "cyclops" Brown, then Jack Straw, Jacqui Smith and what ever other worthless lying sacks of shit have held the post of Home Sec over the last ten years. Hell even that slimey toad Miliband would be dragged out kicking and screaming like a girl to his death.

All of them would be taken outside and forced to kneel down before having their brains plastered all over the pavement by a bullet.

One by one, so they all know the fate in store for them.

Oh and last of all would be that shifty amoral spiv David Blunkett, hell as I am in that sort of mood today fucking cap Sadie his guide dog as well.

What is the deal for Unite?

I read in The Times that:
"Labour files its annual accounts this week, and is only averting financial collapse because of a written guarantee that at least one union, Unite, will continue to provide significant funding. The party is negotiating with businessmen who lent Labour millions of pounds about extending the repayment period for up to a decade."
So insolvent but continuing to trade with the support of its backers.

What is Unite getting in return? Must be a pay off somewhere along the line, unless they are willing to fund a political party out of the kindness of their hearts?

Paul Flynn - A worthless authoritarian cock.

He says of the liar Wendy Alexander, what has she done?
This is crazy. What offence has Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander committed that makes her unfit to hold her office? Can anyone tell me?
She accepted an illegal donation. Simple as Paul Flynn really. Oh and she was caught telling fibs as well, more than once in fact.

The cynical dragon covers him being more of an authoritarian cock with regards David Davis: Here

If that wasn't enough of a Flynnism, here's Paul talking about David Icke standing against David Davis in a by-election.
David Davis’s brain is linked to a different computer in which the population is terrified of CCTV cameras and DNA tests.
....says the man who's plan to spread his eco-alarmism is to terrify the population into agreeing with him.

Also as he stated in a previous post with regards the urban myth of global warming

Still what can we expect from a second rater who has acted as a mouthpiece for Lloyds Tsb whilst failing to support workers laid off by that very company some four years ago. Yet has the nerve to claim that those who deny global warming are in the pay of oil companies and I quote from his weblog:

The SEPP groups appears to be a front for Global warming deniers. Dr Singer is a leading light in it. Wikipedia reports "In a September 24, 1993, sworn affidavit, Dr. Singer admitted to doing climate change research on behalf of oil companies, such as Exxon, Texaco, Arco, Shell and the American Gas Association. "

Enough said

Does make one wonder quite who is acting in the interests of big business(LTsb?) here...

But the best point as to his authoritarian nature is this telling comment with regards the urban myth of global warming:
The public fear must be cranked up again.

That's right fear, not facts. After all he relies on his facts from the fairytale An Inconvenient Truth by the well known "scientist" Al Gore and such brilliant brains as Leonardo di Caprio . Yet he is happy to pass EDM's to condemn Channel Four who attempt to debunk this rubbish...

Still they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and so I shall post these three pictures of Mr Flynn's hair that he put on his weblog a while back. Always good to see a serious politician at work:
As you can see he has gone for the mad eco-loon look.
Here we see an "urban" look designed to appeal to the treehuggers.
The "Swampy" look? Newport deserves better and roll on the time when our dour one eyed leader is dragged to the polls and the likes of Mr Flynn can be removed from The House of Commons and sent to that long overdue nursing home for his dotage.

Ladybird "Easy-Reading" Book - People at work: The Policeman.

Had these pics sent to me by some anon person, if anyone knows where they came from let me know & I will be more than happy to give a hat tip to them.

Moslems upset by sniffer dogs.

Moslem assholes are in an uproar all over the UK over the idea that they will soon be sniffed by dogs. They say, "No, this can't be done. This is haram."

But, the police say, "Yes, it will be done. It is necessary."

Some Muslims had raised objections over being searched by the explosive-detecting animals, but British Transport Police have said they will continue to use the specially trained animals.

Dogs are considered to be unclean or impure in Islamic teaching and it is forbidden to keep the animals as pets.

The complaints came after a rail security trial at Brighton station, the Government revealed.

The Muslims reported that it was not permissible for them to have direct contact with dogs due to their religious or cultural beliefs.

In another trial on the Heathrow Express platform at London's Paddington station, there were instances when the body scan was considered unacceptable on religious grounds by female Muslims, the Government report said.
Look chaps and chappettes of the Umma, it is quite simple we infidels (the sons of apes and pigs) would not need quite so many sniffer dogs, if there were not quite so many moslems who want to wage the jihad against the infidel an blow themselves off to Allah and the 72 virgin goats or somesuch.

Whilst barbarians want to carry on acting like barbarians - even when living in civilized lands outside of Dar-al-Islam- we will need to have sniffer dogs in order to protect our worthless lives. Sorry about that Mr & Mrs Jihadi but there you go.

Your (James) Gordon Brown, as featured on You Tube.

Harriet Herperson is a mindless pc twat.

Below he picks his nose.

Gordon is a wanker..

Gordon is a moron...

A completely contemptable little cunt of the first order...

New Labour - The party of pedophiles.(Ben Williams, 34)

A FORMER Liverpool councillor yesterday reappeared in court charged with downloading indecent images of children.

Ben Williams, 34, of Norris Green, appeared at South Sefton Magistrates Court, supported by friends and family who briefly held up proceedings as they filed into the public gallery.

The history tutor is accused of 12 counts of making indecent images over a year-long period by using internet websites.

He was released on bail and will appear in court again on August 12 at Liverpool Crown Court, where he is expected to plead not guilty.

Williams was arrested last December by officers from Sefton Family Crime Unit and eight computers were seized in the inquiry.

He is alleged to have made the images between December 13, 2006, and December 17, 2007.

Could these people get any worse? Story here

Sharapova out of Wimbledon...

Couple of days late covering this but she is out. Still an excuse for some photoshop fakery that I found on the internet...

Wendy Alexander resigns: Another sleazy New Labour scumball (this one with a fat arse) leaves.

Finally she go's, even now after resigning she shows no dignity, instead uses it as an opportunity to snipe at rivals and still has the attitude that she did nothing wrong what so ever.

I covered her fat arse breaking the rules here.

Labour leader Wendy Alexander broke parliamentary rules by not declaring donations to her leadership campaign on Holyrood's register of interests, the Parliament's Standards Committee has ruled.

The committee ruling followed a five-two vote, said convener Keith Brown.

She said at the time that she rejected any suggestion of "intentional wrongdoing"

Some more on her fat arse using the phrase intentional wrongdoing.

But she lied, that is the main point and has been caught doing so: Wendy Alexander has broken the law, apologised, then lied and been caught lying.

No doubt she will blame it all on a "moment of madness" -copyright Ron Davis, bring out a book and blame one and all other than her fat lying self. She could try the mental illness defence, maybe some ailment like bulimia.

Oh hang on did a certain fat lardy former Labour MP called John Prescott not try that one...

Still politics in Scotland is now slightly cleaner, one corrupt lying MSP has been forced to fall on her sword. No doubt a binge of chocolate and cakes will make her feel better, although not do anything for her fat arse.

**Update, DK has done a bit on Wendy leaving to drown her sorrows, with this tasteful gem: Wendy fucks off

Newsflash: trout-faced, stinkingly corrupt old whore found officially guilty of being a trout-faced, stinkingly corrupt old whore.

Although I would also add to that that she is a trout-faced, stinkingly corrupt old whore with a fat arse.

This has sent shock waves through the political world, some even south of Hadrians Wall have been affected by this story. Even Drama Prairie dog looked surprised...

Marriage declining under the New Labour communists.

Disturbing to read that married people in the UK have become a minority for the first time, according to official figures yesterday. They indicate that the number of people who are husbands or wives has dropped to below half the population and is continuing to fall. 

Most people over 16 are now single, divorced or widowed, the Office for National Statistics said. The shift in the decline of marriage has come as millions of young people have chosen to live together as cohabiting partners rather than to marry and have children. 

I guess the liberals have prevailed. We have the historically successful model of marriage now being discarded and society will sew what it reaps. To my mind, marriage is the best mechanism for societal stability and the best buttress against the Nanny State. But we turn our backs on it because we know so much better than the generations that have gone before us...right?

Henley result: New Labour victory...As Gordon enjoys 1 year in power.

Gordon Brown celebrates one year as Prime Minister today. The voters in Henley gave their verdict on the one eyed leaders first year...here is the result....

New Labour cruised into fifth(with Gordon in charge that is a good result), beating the monster raving loony party. Even though they the loonys have better policies than Labour, after all even the loonys could not dream up holding people for 42 days will sod all evidence....


John Howell (C) 19,796 (57%, +3.5%)

Stephen Kearney (LD) 9,680 (28%, +1.8%)

Mark Stevenson (Green) 1,321 (3.8%, +0.5%)

Timothy Rait (BNP) 1,243 (3.6%)

Richard McKenzie (Lab) 1,066 (3.1%, -11.7%)

Chris Adams (UKIP) 843 (2.4%, -0.1%)

Bananaman Owen (Loony) 242 (0.70%)

Derek Allpass (Eng Dem) 157 (0.45%)

Conservative maj: 10,116 (2005 C maj 12,793)

0.81% swing from Liberal Democrats to Conservatives.

NuLabour also lost their deposit.


**Labour also beat:

Chris Adams, UK Independence Party, 843 (2.43%, -0.07%)
Bananaman Owen - Monster Raving Loony Party, 242 (0.70%)
Derek Allpass - English Democrats, 157 (0.45%)
Amanda Harrington - Independent (Miss Great Britain Party), 128 (0.37%)
Dick Rodgers - The Common Good, 121 (0.35%)
Louise Cole - Independent (Miss Great Britain Party), 91 (0.26%)
Harry Bear - The Fur Play Party, 73 (0.21%)

But get this lie by Nick Cleggover's fib dems:
“We increased our vote…”
  1. LibDem Henley vote 2005 General Election - 12,101
  2. LibDem Henley vote 2008 By Election - 9,680
An increase of minus 2421 votes!

Striking down the infidel,

Jihadists owned.

Oh and God, is on our side dickheads.

No more little boys' bums for you.
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

Nicholas Sarkozy is a cunt and is wife is a cheap ass skank ho!...

here's a quote [PDF] from Nicholas Sarkozy, on the subject of Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.
"They [the Irish] are bloody fools. They have been stuffing their faces at Europe's expense for years and now they dump us in the shit."
What, like France did in taking EU monies and rejecting a major EU Treaty in a referendum. Oh, but wait that it a case of vive la difference or somesuch...

After all that was the Frogs circa 2005, not the same surrender monkeys of 2008...

Andy Finlay - NHS beancounter and arsehole.

An NHS boss terrified a hero Gurkha yesterday after banning him from heart treatment and claiming he owed THEM money.

Tul Bahadur Pun - who was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery - went to the hospital's cardiology department for an urgent follow-up appointment.

But bosses demanded to see the frail 87-year-old's passport, said he would get no more NHS care and that he would get a bill for thousands of pounds for past treatment because he had "misled" them over his immigration status.

The once-proud veteran was close to tears in front of other patients as he was forced to leave West Middlesex Hospital in London.

Ironically, it was the same hospital that saved the war hero's life last August - since then he has been kept alive by heart drugs.

Hospital Income Generation Manager Andy Finlay said Pun's passport and visa showed he had no right to NHS hospital treatment.

He argued that Pun had been issued with an indefinite leave to enter visa, not an indefinite leave to remain visa and therefore had no access to the NHS.

He also asked the war veteran - one of only 10 living VC holders: "Is that what VC means in his passport?" Pun was kicked out of the hospital on the anniversary of winning the VC in Burma on June 23, 1944.

Pun's lawyer, Kieran O'Rourke, said: "Mr Finlay then began to interrogate the old man, who does not speak English and had a friend acting as a non-professional interpreter. Finlay demanded to see Mr Pun's passport.

"He then made the serious allegation that the VC winner, had 'misled' the hospital previously in relation to his immigration status. Finlay told Mr Pun he would have to pay back the NHS. He was shocked and extremely upset."

Pun - who is also blind and almost deaf - was granted indefinite leave to enter Britain in June 2007 after a Daily Mirror campaign to get him to the UK for NHS medical help.

Last night Pun - who lives on just £135- a-week - said: "I could not sleep worrying about having to pay thousands of pounds for the treatment I have already had. I have not misled anyone, the British Government allow me to live here."

But last night the West Middlesex Hospital reversed its decision admitting they had "made a mistake".

A spokesman for the hospital said it had a policy that patients are questioned to see they are entitled to free treatment.

He added: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

**When can we start sacking the Andy Finlay's of this world, take his no doubt huge salary and spend that on some doctors, hell even some more cleaners in the NHS. I am sure that any of them would be worth a million Andy Finlay's and sadly under this worthless shower of shit that passes for government here in the UK, the NHS has been over run with thousands of Andy Finlay clones.

Soul less bean counters, administrators who's only role is shuffle paper between other bean counters and fill in government forms in order to justify their pointless existences.

Mr Tul Bahadur Pun has now returned all of his medals to 10 Downing Street. I can but assume that the gutless, snivelling, bottler, the craven coward, the spineless wanker, the same spineless cunny who appointed the wanker Andy Finlay and squillions like him and who holds the office of PM hid under his desk until the nasty man had gone away.

I would like to hereby announce that Andy Finlay is not fit to polish Mr Pun's shoes, hell I bet the fucker would not be able to do that job properly as it does not involve bean counting. An ill educated twat of the first order - he had to ask what VC meant!?!!! The man should resign and kill himself forthwith and so improve the collective human intelligence.

blatant racial discrimination joke.

Hat tip to Theo Spark for this one, cruel but I laughed...

A class of five-year old schoolchildren return to the classroom after playing in the playground during their break time.

The teacher says to the first child 'Hello Becky, what have you been doing this Playtime?'

Becky replies 'I have been playing in the sand box.'

'Very good,' says the teacher 'if you can spell 'sand' on the
blackboard, I will give you a cookie.'

Becky duly goes and writes 's a n d' on the blackboard.

'Very good,' says the teacher and gives Becky a cookie.

The teacher then says, 'Freddie, what have you been doing in your playtime?'

Freddie replies, 'Playing with Becky in the sand box.'

'Very good,' says the teacher, 'if you can spell 'box' on the blackboard, I will also give you a cookie.'

Freddie duly goes and writes 'b o x' on the blackboard.

'Very good,' says the teacher and gives Freddie a cookie.

Teacher then says, 'Hello Mohammed, have you been playing in the sand box with Becky and Freddie?'

'No,' replies Mohammed, 'I wanted to, but they would not let me. Every time I went near them they started throwing sand at me, calling me nasty names and asking to see under my jacket in case I had explosives.'

'Oh dear,' says the teacher, 'that sounds like blatant racial discrimination to me - I'll tell you what, if you can spell 'blatant racial discrimination' I will give you a cookie.'

MP Expenses up 218% in ten years. Thank New Labour for this one.

In 1997 the total maximum expenses claimable by an MP was £50,213. Yet during this prolonged period of low inflation (for which Gordon likes to claim credit) the maximum amount claimable has risen to £159,720.*

A rise of 218% in ten years.
*Not including travel, source: Select Committee on Members Estimate Committee Third Report

Guess that must be Mr Brown's often talked about economic prudence, sadly it is prudence that allows MP's to become ever more out of touch at our expense.

Anyone but Labour when it comes to finance.

Found this one in The Scotsman with regards Edinburgh's finances.
THE city council ended the last financial year with money in the bank for the first time in five years, new figures have revealed.

The Lib Dem/SNP administration managed to balance the books and underspent by £600,000 in 2007-8. This compares to an overspend of £5.6 million by the previous Labour administration in 2006-7.

But Labour councillors today said the turnaround was only achieved after the new administration introduced "more cuts than Thatcher". - Always blame Thatcher, never mind that the previous administration had by the time she came to power beggared this nation.

The £600,000 surplus was reached after a crackdown was launched on people falsely claiming single person council tax discount, which – along with more houses being built – helped bring in £5m more council tax than expected.

The administration also benefited from a reduction in loan charges, otherwise its general fund would have overspent by around £8m.

City finance leader Gordon Mackenzie said: "Had the administration not taken prompt action we would be facing a massive overspend with disastrous effects across council services."

New Labour group leader Andrew Burns said: "They slashed services left, right and centre – but after all that pain, they would still have gone over-budget."
So is the argument by Mr Burns that it is better to go over budget rather than to slash services? Often overstaffed bloated services than do not provide much in the way of service? Rather than to balance the books and have money in reserve, rather than upping the bills of taxpayers each year? Maybe he would rather people claim benefits they are not entitled too?

Some animals are more equal than others: Equalities Bill.

Another poorly thought out bill from New Labour.
The government is to bring forward new legislation to outlaw all forms of age discrimination, the BBC has learned. Equalities Minister Harriet Harman is expected to announce the plan on Thursday as part of a package of measures in an Equalities Bill.[...] Travel, health and motor insurance is also expected to be included, where cover is simply withdrawn beyond a certain age or is prohibitively expensive.
Now I do hate to be cruel here but the reason that motor companies for example etc do discriminate is that they have worked out that drivers reactions slow with advancing age, thus more claims. Net result will be they will spread the costs, that is higher premiums for everyone.

Of course the free market is wrong, the state will put everything right and no matter that this will drive up costs for one and all.

It gets weirder:

Under plans to make workplaces more diverse, Ms Harman wants to allow employers to appoint people specifically because of their race or gender. The proposals would only apply when choosing between candidates equally qualified for the job. But it means, for example, women or people from minorities could be hired ahead of others in order to create a more balanced workforce. Some employers argue they already do this, while others may say these policies will need careful handling to reduce the risk of causing resentment amongst existing staff.

Ok got that, now you can discriminate. But we now have a system of doublespeak that both bans racial and sexual discrimination and allows it at the same time. Watch the court cases pour in under the Human Rights Act for this one.

Women will sue claiming they have been unfairly passed over, as will Asians, Blacks, white males, transsexuals, homosexuals, vegans... Hell what ever group you put yourself in you can now claim that you have been unfairly passed over for someone else.

Does nobody realise that life is not fair, that you have no automatic right to promotion, that a decision is often made on the basis of **shock horror** ability and being the best person to do that job.

My favorite bit:

The government has faced criticism from some quarters for presiding over a society which has arguably become more unequal.

And so after a quick read of Animal Farm, they have decided to make it official policy that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.


Gordon Brown & Nelson Mandela

One crippled old man being helped out by another crippled in the polls old man. Gordon ever the one for a photo opportunity jumps on the hug an aged terrorist bandwagon and fawns over Nelson Mandela.

Hell with his rating in the polls, I bet Gordon would suck off Adolf Hitler, Jo Stalin, Pol Pot and leap into bed with Bob Mugabe if he thought it would help him win an election.

In the mutual media hadjob fest that will be Nelson's 90th birthday party I wonder if the BBC and others in the media will be bringing up our lovely old mans “signing off” of the 1983 Church Street bombing carried out by the ANC and killing 19 innocent people whilst injuring another 200.

He actually admits to that in his autobiography “the long walk to Freedom”

Many will say that he never killed anyone himself, well okay no one has ever managed to find his gun so far should that ever turn up then watch the left backtrack...

Mandela's Gun Still Buried

A new search is on to find a gun that Nelson Mandela buried decades ago. Just weeks before his arrest at a farm in Rivonia, South Africa in 1962, Mandela buried a gun on the property. It is believed that during the intervening decades, no one has yet found the gun (a semi-automatic Makarov) and that it remains buried. Bulldozers have been digging around the area; there are high hopes that the gun will be found.
A shame that whilst the cameras are focused on this old terrorist and the drug addled skank Amy Winehouse, no one will be remembering those killed by Nelsons friends with the bombs...

Looking at the picture above, I do wonder if there is a collective word for "a pair of cunts?"...

PS Nelson, fuck off and die. You are long overdue for the next world. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

More Labour Sleaze: Wendy Alexander.

Labour leader Wendy Alexander broke parliamentary rules by not declaring donations to her leadership campaign on Holyrood's register of interests, the Parliament's Standards Committee has ruled.

The committee ruling followed a five-two vote, said convener Keith Brown.

**What the spin, hype and lies come forth at a rate of knots from Wendy's mouth. I bet that she will come up with at least three reasons why a/ she feels that she is right and b/ why she and her fat arse will not be resigning from office.

Also there will be much finger pointing from her and other Labour politicos to the other side in an attempt to confuse and muddy the waters, as if that makes what she did okay?!

Paul Flynn - Fisked with style by DK.

I was going to cover the proven liar and libel case loser Paul Flynn and his inane whittering about Global Warming, but DK has done it for me. As someone who is always pleased when he finds that someone has done a job for them, I thought I shall post his article in full.

And so with great glee I give you, the fisking of Paul Flynn MP.

The Cynical Dragon pointed me towards this rather unpleasant post from idiot Labour MP, Paul Flynn.
Global warming deniers have undermined well-founded public alarm on Global Warming. Panic is our only hope. Channel Four and Nigel Lawson have pushed the seductive message of comfort and reassurance that Global warming is not happening.

It’s bunkum, but the weak long for happy delusions that will ease their worries. Confronted by the loud-mouthed environmental ignoramus brigade of fuel gluttons and macho poseurs, British politicians' green convictions are wilting. Today's Observer poll suggests that six out ten
Britons are not convinced that global warming is the supremely vital issue.

The public fear must be cranked up again.
When challenged in the comments, little Mr Flynn was pathetically dismissive. Given that the man is a pig-ignorant fuckwit with an over-weening arrogance (have he and Polly Toynbee ever been seen in the same room together? Just saying...), I decided to fisk his reply...
The global-warming deniers do not have science on their side.


I know that you are a politician, but do try not to lie. Let us have a look at two pillars of the AGW: the Mann et al. "hockey-stick graph", and arch-climate loony, James Hansen.

The hockey-stick graph was thoroughly debunked—it was shown, by MacIntyre and McKitrick (try Google, Paul), that whatever data you put in the result was always a hockey-stick. Which is why, of course, the IPCC no longer relies on it. There is an example of the science being on the side of the "deniers".

And James Hansen... Well, where to start? I know, let's start with his speech of twenty years ago to the US senate, shall we? This gentleman has helpfully shown how accurate Hansen was.

Further, we have been told recently that the current cooling trend is due to cold currents in the Pacific and that this will mask the catastrophic warming. Really.

It is strange, is it not, that not one of the climate models predicted this cold shift. One might almost conclude that the models were not terribly accurate and that their predictions should be taken with a sack of salt. Especially since these "scientists" have all been using a set of equations that assume that the Earth has an infinitely thick atmosphere.

You might also like to observe that the only significant warming in the land temperature record is added after the figures are collected.

There are, of course, also significant problems with the way in which land temperature figures are collected (urban heat island effects and suchlike) which leads one to wonder why NASA, for instance, does not use the far more wide-ranging and accurate satellite data (clue: because the satellite data shows insignificant warming as compared to the land measurements).

But I doubt that you will be interested in actual data, eh, Paul? You'll just take what you're fed, like the good little bit of lobby-fodder that you are. I can imagine you now, which your fingers pressed tightly into your ears, shrieking, "la la la la! I can't hear you!"
Over 90% of the best scientists in the world are demanding immediate action from Governments.
Who says that they are "the best", Paul? You? What qualifications do you have to judge that?

And since when was consensus of any use in science? A couple of hundred years ago, the consensus was that the sun revolved around the Earth.

More recently, the consensus was that thousands, if not tens of thousands, were going to die of vCJD (remember that, Paul?). We're still waiting...

But what should we do? Well, why don't you have a look at the IPCC SRES A1 family of scenarios? They are the scenarios based on technological advancement, greater international trade and cooperation, and people around the world getting richer. Go on, have a read: you never know, you might like the idea.

Oh, and just while we are on the subject, the Stern Review made absolutely no mention of the A1 scenarios. At all. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Which is just one of the reasons why those of us who actually know about the subject and who read his report dismissed it as useless scare-mongering.

Oh, and the scientific consensus supports us there, by the way. The only people who still quote the Stern Review without getting actively embarrassed are politicians, because they, as usual, know no better.
Some, but not all of the deniers, are in the pay of the oil industry.
Oh, yawn. Nearly every single one of the AGW scientists is in the pay of governments and the state is hardly a disinterested party. These scientists also know that if they mention AGW in their reports or proposals, they are more likely to get funding.

And do tell, what motivates those people who, you admit above, are not in the pay of the oil industry?
My description of them is a little too restrained.
Paul, my description of mental fascists such as yourself is never so polite and yet I too am still far too restrained.
There was a gobal warming denial vote in the Commons recently. 5 out of the 650 were found.
Sorry, Paul; how is that in any way significant? How many MPs have any scientific qualifications at all? How many of them have actually read any original reports or studied raw data?

For god's sake, the vast majority of you could not even be bothered to read the Maastricht Treaty, or the Lisbon Treaty and I bet there are more lawyers in the Commons than there are scientists.

Most of you vote on issues of which you have little or no understanding and base that vote on little but your own prejudices, petty squabbles and party affiliations.

The only thing that we can rely on is that you MPs will, at every turn, vote for more money and more power.

No wonder the general public holds you all in utter contempt: you are, in the very clearest sense of the word, contemptible.

Paul Flynn, ladies and gentlemen: arrogant arsehat of the day and a wonderful ambassador for our elected representatives. Well, excellent for those of us that maintain that they are all stupid, corrupt, self-serving simpletons, anyway.

**Well done DK, a fine fisk and I laughed long and hard at many points therein. Mr Flynn does love to quote experts - when they agree with him and point to graphs, diagrams and all the other "evidence", unless it shows something negative against New Labour that is.

Still this is the local moonbat that we have to represent us down here in Newport and who rather than covering in depth debate fills up his blog and time will silly hair shots.

I posted these a few posts back and so see no reason not to post them again.
As you can see he has gone for the mad eco-loon look.
Here we see an "urban" look designed to appeal to the treehuggers.
Most telling is his comment on his website "The public fear must be cranked up again." - No matter how little basis that fear has in the real world. There we have the point that eco-lunacy and its advocates promote, forget facts its all about control, demonise those who disagree and rely on fear to do the rest.

Some more on Paul Flynn: First up that libel case that he lost: From his wikipedia page.

Here he is offering support for the mass murdering scumbag Fidel Castro, he signed this EDM.

EDM 982

Burgon, Colin
That this House commends the achievements of Fidel Castro in securing first-class free healthcare and education provision for the people of Cuba despite the 44 year illegal US embargo of the Cuban economy; notes the great strides Cuba has taken during this period in many fields such as biotechnology and sport in both of which Cuba is a world leader; acknowledges the esteem in which Castro is held by the people and leaders of Africa, Asia and Latin America for leading the calls for emancipation of the world's poorest people from slavery, hunger and the denial of human rights such as the right to life, the right to shelter, the right to healthcare and basic medicines and the right to education; welcomes the EU statement that constructive engagement with Cuba at this time is the most responsible course of action; and calls upon the Government to respect Cuba's right to self-determination and resist the aggressive forces within the US Administration who are openly planning their own illegal transition in Cuba.

As Devils Kitchen stated each every person who signed this is a cunt.

Oh and here is another fine EDM by Flynn. In this he believes that Take this fine example where he thinks we are going to drown! A BRITISH TSUNAMI - link: Moonbat thinks we are going to drown

EDM 996

Flynn, Paul

That this House notes the consensus expert view that a tsunami caused the flood of the Gwent and Somerset levels in January 1607; believes a similar event now would result in massive destruction and loss of life; and calls for an early warning tsunami watch on British coasts.

The "evidence" for this was a paper that has been debunked elsewhere and even so, as the last alleged tsunami took place in 1607, over 400 years ago and another has not arrived yet! Is this something worthy of pissing away public funds on?

Oh and lastly, a long post but believe me the House of Commons deserves far better more intelligent people serving the people.

He Paul Flynn MP, planned a visit a few years back to North Korea to build closer ties etc etc, a man who ignores death camps in North Korea(Google Camp 22). Paul Flynn was planning to pay a visit to the DNK, a nation that we have no peace treaty with and who with whom peace treaty's mean nothing. Whilst there he would have fawned before the "Glorious Leader" and after massaging his own petty ego, without any mention of human rights I am sure he would then no doubt claim a success story for New Labour diplomacy.

Alas his plans were foiled by the DNK detonating a nuclear device, which on the one hand shows how dangerous they as a nation are and also how little they respect Paul Flynn MP as they knew he had planned to visit them well in advance.
Paul Flynn who earns a wage of £64K a year, thinks its fine to fleece the public for all this: 

Paul Flynn claimed £7,052 for new kitchen, £1,153 carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005, before selling it and moving to a new £275,000 flat. Claims £9,629 in stamp duty and fees
Mortgage interest £215.00, Utilities Water 26.07, Electricity £27,00, Council Tax £89.33, Television service £16.50.


Naomi Campbell A second rate golliwog supermodel and drug crazed loon to boot.

Naomi Campbell last night blamed racism for her outburst on a British Airways jet, claiming she had been called 'a golliwog supermodel'.

In an interview with Sky News, Miss Campbell said she was not going to apologise to BA as they were "disgusting."

She said: 'I was called a racial name on that flight. And that was part of my reaction. Again, nothing to do with the police but yes from British Airways.'

'I was called a golliwog supermodel, I don’t think that’s really fair do you?'

The supermodel did not say exactly who had called her the name only that it was not one of the passengers.

When asked who called her the name, she replied: 'Someone on the flight, not the passenger.'

**Blah, blah blah. Race card and its all someone else's fault. I was going to cover this worthless woman before when this story first broke but a mixture of apathy and more apathy with regards her utter worthlessness put me off.

I was called a golliwog supermodel she claimed, well that is a lot better than what I would call her which is "A vacuous, clotheshorse who is famous for just being famous, who's only skill is that of an automated clothes hanger.

A woman with a drug habit that would most of Columbia to shame, a temper that would rival that of any lunatic in the worlds loony bins.

Someone who gets off jail free because of playing the race card as well as the "celebrity" ace card, despite admitting kicking, hitting and spitting at police officers on board the jet at Heathrow. Had that been some Sharon/Tracey from the local council estate who after a few lines of "charlie" up the nose had done the same as her I am sure they would now be a guest of HM the Queens penal system.

Her attitude has a don't you know who I am rating to match any MP in the House of Commons, I mean get this:
Campbell continued to shout at Capt Sutherland, saying: 'I can't believe you have lost my f***ing bag. Bring me my f***ing bags now.'

Miss Parrish said: 'She instructed him to personally get off the aircraft and get her bag and show it to her.

'The captain explained this wasn't going to happen. He repeatedly tried to take control of the situation and asked if he could get a word in.'

The magistrates were told that when Capt Sutherland tried to explain her options, Campbell snapped: 'How dare you tell me what my options are? You are not leaving until you find my f***ing bags.'

As the captain walked away Campbell shouted after him: 'You are a racist, you wouldn't be doing this if I was white.'

Ah yes, the old Ali G "Is it cos I is black?" argument, well no love it is a case of "I is a vile little criminal." See despite her strops, she has forgotten already it would appear her vile little rant at some members of the police just a week or so earlier. The same uber-celeb clothes horse had the shoe on the other foot it would appear!
Cops claim the patience-challenged supermodel screamed, "F-ing white honkies!" at them and called a female officer a "white bitch".
Now again imagine if you will some non celeb Sharon or Tracy firing off similar remarks. I am sure that the justice system would have come down on them somewhat harder than they have on this woman. Oh and of course there is the case of that maid who is taking action against her:
Naomi Campbell's former maid is suing the battling supermodel over claims that she called her a "dumb Romanian", the New York Times reports.

Gaby Gibson, 40, filed papers on Tuesday in a New York court which allege Campbell subjected her to "repeated discriminatory assaults based on national origin". Specifically, Gibson claims Campbell asked her: "Romanians are not usually as dumb as you?"

Gibson described Campbell as a "violent super-bigot" who "called her names and threatened to press charges for theft when the model was unable to find a pair of Stella McCartney jeans".
What a nasty woman she is, no social skills, violent, a habitual drug user who is fawned over by the worlds media. Truly our value system is totally screwed. Hell fuck it, I shall pour some petrol on the flames and finish off by calling this dire "celeb"
- people play fast and loose with that term "celeb" when it is used in connection with a mobile clothes horse -
A second rate 'golliwog supermodel'.