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Is the concept of free speech lost on moslems? Geert Wilders should be able to speak freely.

They are upset at Geert Wilders comments about Islam being a religion of violence and intolerance and feel that he should not be allowed to state such things.

The courts in Geert's homeland feel the same way and have put him on trial for hate speech.

Now the thought that holding up signs calling for his death could also be thought of as slightly intolerant and just plain nasty, well that appears to be lost on the moslems.

A cleric has also called for him to be flogged, we have not even got to the trial yet when the rent a mobs will be produced to protest outside the court.

They use the Wests laws on  freedom of assembly and freedom of expression to call for the removal of those rights from someone who dislikes their religion.

Now its not the first time we have had this happen, after all they did exactly the same thing over the cartoons of Mohammed. 

For all the news check out: Defend Geert Wilders

There is a petition online:
“If I have to stand trial, I will not be alone, stand trial alone, but also with the hundreds of thousands of Dutch people who reject the Islamization of the Netherlands, Their opinion is only represented in The Hague [parliament] by the Party for Freedom. Who else will stand for our culture when I have to remain silent? This strengthens me in these harsh days,”
The petition is here.


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