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James Gordon Brown tour to cost £600,000

I said before that our dour one eyed PM whom no one voted for is to go on tour.

"Brown will embark on a three-day regional tour of England and Wales, designed to reassure voters that he is not locked in the Downing Street “bunker” and understands the impact of the downturn on people."

A spot of posing with the cameras, talking to some Labour party workers sorry happy citizens.
Well it gets better and better and of course by that I mean that the cyclopedian one is making an arse of it.

Gordon Brown’s ‘gimmick’ of holding Cabinet meetings outside London has cost taxpayers £600,000.

The Prime Minister has taken every senior member of the Government on a string of awaydays aimed at proving ministers are listening to people outside the capital.

But the three events – in Birmingham and Leeds last year, and in Liverpool tomorrow – are costing around £200,000 a time.

A total waste of time, if he wishes to sit in London and issue tractor production stats that is all well and good. 

Hell this is cyclosp he is to waste even more money on a grand tour to issue the same stats and rigged questions with labour party members sorry members of the public chosen at random. 

Still we can but hope that some Al Quada or as Gordon pronouces it Alky Ada operative will get lucky. Inshalla let it be so....

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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