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Moslem Sheikh Khalid Yasin calls for Geert Wilders to be flogged.

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for this one.
The original article is here.

More over at Gates of Vienna

Khalid Yasin, the sheikh who shook down Australia a few years ago, is visiting the Netherlands. In his latest speech, he says that Geert Wilders should be flogged for his crimes.

Isn’t that hate speech? Shouldn’t he be prosecuted for his racism and kafirophobia?

Now the arguement against Geert Wilders is that he said that Islam is a religion that encourages violence against those who do not follow it and disagree with it.

Then we get a Sheikh not calling for a trial but for Wilders to be flogged, like a woman who dares to stand up and look a man in the eye and call for equality is it Sheikh

Like maybe a homosexual who gets dragged out to be lashed to death or hung for not following your stone age beliefs is is Sheikh?

Maybe like a black African in Darfur who finds their children enslaved, their women raped to death and homes burned to the ground for the crime of not following your "religion of peace" is it Sheikh?

A religion of misogyny, repression, child abuse, slavery, savagery and hatred against any who get in their way. Founded by a nomadic bandit pedophile child rapist.

Do we want some repressed savage with a small cock coming to Europe and fucking demanding that we enforce moslem laws in non moslem(yet) lands. Tell this wanker to fuck off and kick his arse back to what ever moslem third world toilet spawned his vile arse.

Please donate to Geert Wilders' defense fund: go here now.


2 people have spoken:

Sue said...

It's about time Western Europe makes it quite clear there is no place for this type of extremism in a democracy. We should not tolerate this sort of behaviour. We have a duty to protect our freedoms including the right to an opinion without fear of reprisals.

Fidothedog said...

Fuck them, backward medieval goat shagging barbarians.

Hell the Romans had the right idea nail a few thousand to crosses and the rest get the idea to piss off.