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Andrew Dismore MP - Champagne socialist & Fidel Castro loving pig.

Pic stolen from GOT, who has covered this grasping speccy fucker of an MP an quite rightly torn him a new one.
Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “As the saying goes, who watches the watchers?”

Well the answer to that is that they do, you see the Rt. Hon. Members of this club are united in one thing. Their God given - as they see it - right to claim back travel, food, 2nd homes, 3rd homes, wallpaper, bath plugs, rent boys, prostitutes, grumble flicks, even to the tissues used to clean up the Rt Hon. Members emissions.

Throw in a gold plated pension and more perks than they know what to do with, plus of course some condescension from them. The usual cockwhaffle about "tightening belts", "feel our pain" etc etc.

Labour’s Andrew Dis(mal value for money)more spent a staggeringly unbelievable £37,414 just on stationery in the year that he joined the committee.

Gosh, that is a lot of paperclips for him to shuffle about on his no doubt tax payer funded desk. 

Not only that he blew another £29,145 on even more stationery in the following year. 

But what is worse even that his paper clip fetish is his signing on EDM 982 by fellow cunny MP Colin Burgon. A shameful cock gobbling fawning over the dictator Fidel Castro. 

So as a matter of record here it is, for those not in the know about EDM's they are a statement that MP's make on issues. Other MP's sign said statement if they agree with what has been said.
EDM 982

Burgon, Colin
That this House commends the achievements of Fidel Castro in securing first-class free healthcare and education provision for the people of Cuba despite the 44 year illegal US embargo of the Cuban economy; notes the great strides Cuba has taken during this period in many fields such as biotechnology and sport in both of which Cuba is a world leader; acknowledges the esteem in which Castro is held by the people and leaders of Africa, Asia and Latin America for leading the calls for emancipation of the world's poorest people from slavery, hunger and the denial of human rights such as the right to life, the right to shelter, the right to healthcare and basic medicines and the right to education; welcomes the EU statement that constructive engagement with Cuba at this time is the most responsible course of action; and calls upon the Government to respect Cuba's right to self-determination and resist the aggressive forces within the US Administration who are openly planning their own illegal transition in Cuba.
A while back the Devils Kitchen stated each every person who signed this was and remains in my view a cunt.

The fucker also voted to protect MP's from freedom of information requests. 

He would fit in well with a repressive shithole like Cuba, a worthless sack of crap not fit to lick the boots of Normando Hernández González, who was imprisoned in 2003 by the Cuban dictatorship for reports and broadcasts on the internet and Radio Martí that were said by the government to endanger security. 

Hernández was found guilty of "spying and threatening national security", crimes that carry a 25-year jail term. He was one of 75 journalists arrested in the Cuban government crackdown on the press in 2003 and, according to PEN, remains one of 59 still held by the regime.

Oh I do hope that Dismore dies from cock cancer, or something equally as fatal and painful very soon, the cunt.

**Update - I e-mailed this MP and was informed that he was in Africa and this will raise a laugh:
"...lecturing on Human Rights, which means emails will not be read until next week."
Shame he did not worry about the rights of Cuban's unable to live in freedom when he signed that EDM.

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Anonymous said...

Is he a younger brother of Christopher Biggins?

Fidothedog said...

Bloody hell I never noticed that. Not noted and will be used to mock him at some future point :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol fido. He does have a look, like Biggins, of an old Queen trying to keep a hold of his youthful looks.

Anonymous said...

You might like this - the grasping fucker is a dead ringer for Herr Lipp from the League of Gentleman!


This man will do and say anything in an attempt to keep his cushy job. He voted against FOI for MPs yet submits hundreds of them to the local council costing the taxpayer of Banet a fucking fortune.