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Cleaners denied 45p pay rise whilst MP's claim millions.

The true face of New Labour equality...Cleaners at the House of Commons are to ballot for strike action after being denied a 45p pay rise – while their masters squabble over expenses worth tens of thousands of pounds a year.

The 120 staff – who clean lavatories, sweep corridors and polish floors in the Palace of Westminster – were promised the rise seven months ago.

Last night one of the cleaners, who refused to be identified, said: ‘We clean up after MPs while they argue over their expenses but somehow we can’t have a pay rise of 45p an hour.

‘We have had meeting after meeting and we’ve been reasonable, but it’s not got us anywhere.

'And you don’t want to see what I have to clean up in the toilets. Now we’re thinking of striking to get some action.’

Paul Davies, a spokesman for the Unite union which represents the cleaners, confirmed: ‘We are committed to balloting our members for strike action. If I was a cleaner, I would be angry about MPs’ expenses, too.

'But our main fight is with the company that employs the cleaners, KGB Cleaning and Support Services.’

3 people have spoken:

Conan the Librarian™ said...

The KGB? Somebody's got a sense of homour...

screamingmad said...

I had to Google this I really thought it was someones idea of a joke... turns out I was wrong.
How far up does KGB Cleaners Ltd influence go? I suppose shovelling the shit that comes out of our esteemed masters arsoles should be given to the KGB.LOL
Who gave these people the contract?
Surely someone spotted the connection!!!

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

Bet they're busy cleaners as well, plenty of turds in the HofC for them to clean up.