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harriet Harman(person) aims to lose yet more voters.

Oh the fucking joy, of this fuckwittery from H. Harperson MP.
Labour is facing its biggest threat from the BNP, Harriet Harman admits today, as the party gears up to prevent the far right group from winning its first seats in nationwide elections this June for the European Parliament.
Gosh it, I wonder how the fuck that happened?
In an interview with The Independent Ms Harman, the Leader of the Commons, who is heading Labour's election effort in in her role as the party's chairman and deputy leader, said Labour was launching its biggest-ever campaign targeting the BNP. "It is a worry," she said. "Certainly they [the BNP] are a bigger threat than they have been before."
Yes but come on tell us how that might have happened?
Labour fears the BNP could land two or three seats in the European elections, which are fought under a proportional representation (PR) system based on huge regional constituencies. Labour believes the BNP threat is greatest in the North West, where its leader, Nick Griffin, is a candidate; Yorkshire and the Humber and the East and West Midlands.
Oh fuck me the World might end an all that, but seriously why has the BNP vote risen of late? Oh it would appear Harparson doesn't want to tackle that question so I will.

First off Labour don't listen, they dictate, the leacture, nanny, nanny, talk down, nag and moralise (whilst claiming squillions even down to bathplugs, patios and porn films) and tell tradional working class folk that they are little more than nazi scum if they speak out against their views.

So guess what the working class see them as the elite, not the Tories, but Labour as the grasping, expenses blagging, jobs for the inbred relatives, snout down in the taxpayer funded gravy train. 

Until Labour get back to their working class roots, support the working man an woman over illegals, quango's, banks, business interests and the like. They will keep on losing voters.

**Will clarify one point here, I am not a Tory, nor am I a BNP voter, same go's for UKIP and other parties. If anything a tactical voter who will vote for whoever I think will represent the interests of my nation, my town and who (even if I disagree with certain points) comes across as honest.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Yep, my tactics mirror yours.

ANYBODY but New Labour scum! - Therefore I'll be tactically voting independent in the forthcoming elections, as they keep on taking out the New Labour councillors one by fucking one!

banned said...

Another own goal for Labour by the crazed old cow.

Anonymous said...

If you are a political party then any other political party is a threat.

What really annoys me, coming from Labour heartland in the West of Scotland, is how Labour campaigns are always run on fear. Their message is we may be bad but the other lot are far worse.

At the European and general election (towards end of this year?), vote for any party that looks capable of unseating these parasites.