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Ann & Alan Keen MP might lose one of their multiple homes.

According to the BBC Pravda, married Labour MPs Ann and Alan Keen ‘have been given a month to stop their local council repossessing their home’.

Hounslow Council said that the Keens' house in Brentford, West London, appeared to have been empty since last November, and so the Keens have been given notice of the council’s intention to issue an ‘Empty Dwelling Management Order’, allowing it to ‘repossess’ a property if it remains unoccupied and dilapidated for a period of six months. The council is permitted to carry out works on the property house and use it to accommodate other people without the permission of the owner..

Oh dear, how sad, nevermind they can always blag another from the expenses.

I covered their hogging of expenses.
Her expenses claim totalled a whopping £167,306 in the last financial year - the highest excluding transport costs, which disproportionately affect some English and Welsh and all Scottish MPs.

Her husband Alan, who represents a neighbouring seat, claimed a total of £146,408, bringing the couple's overall cost to the taxpayer to £313,714 in the last financial year - excluding travel costs.
Also this little spot of hoggery.
A husband and wife who are both MPs have used £175,000 of taxpayers’ money to help buy a flat near Parliament – while they already have a constituency home nine miles away.

Health minister Ann Keen, 59, and her husband Alan, 70 - who have been nicknamed Mr and Mrs Expenses - bought an apartment on the South Bank of the Thames using their generous second homes perk.
Not that Ann is that Keen on work!

So Labour MP Ann Keen has been fined £15,000 for being, well, a bit crap. At least that's what her local County Court clearly believes. The full background to the story is in the Evening Standard.

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