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Army faces biggest cuts since Crimea

The snot gobbler can not even protect our national interests....THE Ministry of Defence intends to cut army manpower to its lowest level since the Crimean war.

Plans to axe three infantry battalions – a total of 1,800 men – are being discussed despite the overstretch caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would see the size of the army drop below 100,000 for the first time since the 1850s.

The army is so desperate to protect funding for Afghanistan that it could offer cuts only in infantry units to meet demands for savings.

General Sir David Richards, the incoming head of the army, offered to sacrifice The Green Howards, the regiment of General Sir Richard Dannatt, the current head of the army....

So lets see if I have the socialists logic worked out here, jump on board a war in the Middle East, then jump on board another war in the middle east. Supply the troops with shit housing, shit equipment oh and attempt to shaft the Gurkha's and then decide to cut the over stretched army to the bone.

Meanwhile Bob "The Knob" Ainsworth, our so called Secretary Of State for Defence keeps insisting against the evidence that the RAF Nimrod aircraft is safe to fly.

Oh if the Argies want the Falklands, they just need to wait a year or so and walk on in. Same go's for Spain and the rock.

In fact if Algeria or any third world toilet consisting of a few berber tribesmen armed with AK47's and a spears wants to start a fight, start it about a year from now and we will pop the surrender documents in the post.

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

At what point can our Service Chiefs simply say we cannot do that which you desire and we are all coming home, job not done ?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

They cant, They are under parliamentary control

Unless the Queen says so Its not going to happen and the Queen cant do it on her own The Snot Gobbler has to do it

Fidothedog said...

Henry and snot gobbler has to answer to Lord Fondlebum.