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A bin to far.

This is going to bite New Labour right in the arse....Householders are rising up in rebellion against the scourge of the wheelie bin.

Protesters say the bins blight their streets, warning council chiefs: 'Not in my front yard.'

The issue has triggered petitions and public demonstrations, with residents in one town marching on the council offices.

Wheelie bins are often parked outside front doors because many families have nowhere else to put them and binmen want to reach them easily from the road.

The rise of recyling has left some residents with as many as three wheelie bins - one for household rubbish, another for recyclables and a third for garden waste. There can also be boxes for glass and tin.

Last night Doretta Cocks, an environmental campaigner who opposed fortnightly bin collections, said: 'People are fighting back.

'There is growing anger among residents. We've become too complacent in recent years - too used to the sight of wheelie bins in towns, cities and villages but they are an eyesore and people are beginning to realise that.

'This wave of anger will undoubtedly spread. People are fed up with the sheer number of wheelie bins they have been given and the expectation that they will simply accommodate them.

Fined, seen as cash cows, pushed around at every turn by petty minded jobsworths at every turn. Over taxed, nagged, nannied and talked down at the common folk have had enough.

They may not care a damn about Europe, they may not care over much about the local MP putting the rent boy down on expenses, or rigged elections but that bin outside their humble abode.

Now that is something they do care about.

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