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Boycott the dead tree press

hat tip to flyingwarpigs for the pic. The Times grumbles about bloggers saying
So perhaps the occasional outing is just the level of control that the blogging community needs.
Oh fuck yourselves you tedious hack wankers, they did no one any favours over the outing of Nightjack the police blogger and in this hatchet job attempt to muddy the waters and portray their motives as for some greater good.

On the subject of outing, well not all of us are hidden my Facebook profile is in my real name.

Of course the difference between blogging and being a hack for the papers is that I get not a penny for what I do. Not a bean, did consider Google Ads at one point but fuck them as well. If I want ad's I will watch the BBC, as they have enough of them hawking BBC goods.

A hack reporter as 99.99999% of reporters are, in order for them to justify their wage has to kneel on down to swallow a large dose of Australian jizz from Mr Murdock or a bukake session from the Barclay Brothers(if they can still manage it at their advanced age?).

This and the selection of things I cover in my rather sweary style is hardly me, rather just one aspect of. Something I do in my spare time, which since being laid off I have quite a bit more of.

As for boycotts maybe aside from The Times, maybe we could all boycott the Sun as well, for being utterly shit and their having uber-cunt David Blunkett on the payroll.

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