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Chris Ruane MP - loves his expenses

Chris Ruane claimed £4,560 part costs of buying flat in March 2006, then claimed £10,958 for remainder following month. Fees office noted on claim that this could not be paid because costs were incurred in 2005-06 financial year and it was then 2006-07.

CHRIS Ruane claimed £9,852 in food over the four-year period, which works out at an average of £19 for each day the House is sitting.

The Vale of Clwyd MP lived in rented acommodation until March 2006 when he bought a flat within walking distance of the Commons.

Valuation, legal fees and land search costs of £5,020 were paid by the fees office but officials rejected a second claim of £10,958 for other costs because it was submitted in April, which was the start of the new financial year so could not be allowed.

Mr Ruane’s standard claims include mortgage interest of £1,359, electricity bills at £20 a month.

Oh he also voted for ID cards and to keep the cushy MP second home allowance scam.

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