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David Hanson minister for losing locks and potpourri candles.

Prisons minister spent £57.58 for a locksmith after losing the key to his London home PRISONS Minister and Delyn MP David Hanson said he was happy his expenses were "not only within the rules but also within reason".

In two years from 2004 he claimed nearly £23,000 in additional costs allowance (ACA) for his second London home – he could have claimed nearly £42,000. But from 2006 to 2008, the maximum allowed was £45,193 and the actual he claimed was £44,641.

Mr Hanson bought a new home in London in 2007 claiming £1,920 in legal and house purchase fees, and £5,000 for part of the stamp duty. His mortgage interest claim then increased from £220 a month to £1,500 a month.

Second home costs in 2004 include £127.99 on new pan set and frying pan; £856.80 on furniture, chairs, linen and kitchenware, £699 on a two seater, burgundy, velvet sofa; £72 on cushions; £314.99 on TV for the flat.

In 2005 there was a claim for £254 on sink problem – a blocked sink and new tap. He also claimed £149 for a microwave oven, and £266 for new kitchen equipment, including a toaster. For 2006-7 claims include £533.99 for bed; £337.89 for new washing machine; £19.99 for electric fan; £66 for vases, bowl and mugs and £34.99 for CD holder.

Oh and best(or should that be worst?) of all he submitted £15 receipt for potpourri candles. This MP is also a fanboy of dictator Fidel Castro, as he called for sanctions to be removed without any call for reform in Cuba.

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