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David Milicunt I nearly quit but did not.

This government is now so shit, that they announce things that they did not do....
David Miliband last night revealed how close he came to quitting the Government in the attempted coup against Gordon Brown as Lord Mandelson conceded the threat to unseat the Prime Minister had not disappeared.

He warned that Mr Brown will face further challenges to his leadership later this year when the Labour Party gathers in Brighton for its annual conference. For his part, the Foreign Secretary, apparently emboldened by his decision to stay and shore up the Prime Minister, also warned voters still have no idea what Labour and Mr Brown stand for.

So Dave the banana wielding Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, thought about leaving, then decided not to go after all and figures that this is news?

Milicunt and the private jet,
and he was challenged over his gardening expenses! The Miliband banana slug. The Milipede scuttles off to Sri-Lanka. Miliband in photos. Milipede meets Billery Will Pike ignored whilst terrorists are hugged. More photos. Miliband fails on Zimbabwe. Milicunt fails in the Sudan. Milicunt restarts blogging

I named him cunt of the year.

In part for his endangering the public over the TB reactor called Shambo. Which I covered here and here.

In short Milipede was at that time head of Defra, he refused to enforce the law on TB infected livestock. Passed the decision off to the Welsh Arsembly, who simply followed the law as laid out by Defra rules and ordered the infected beast killed(thats Shambo not Miliband).

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May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

ive aid it before and ill say it again...that smarmy cunt knows where he can shove that banana...

Fidothedog said...

He does as well as helping others with their bananas on occasions.