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Devine retribution.

Mr Devine, who represents Livingston, now faces the end of his political career. He told The Herald: "I'm absolutely devastated. I've been hung out to dry." He confirmed there was no means of appeal.
Hung out to dry, oh fuck the fuck off you utter cunt. You grasped every fucking penny from the taxpayers of this land. Bleated about how it was all within the corrupt rules and your only regrets are being exposed by the papers and losing your gravy train.

Cut your losses, you still have your pension, your stolen goods and the knowledge of having got away with legalised theft for many a year.

Were it down to me I would have proceeds of crime legislation used against you, your accounts frozen, your houses seized and your Rt Hon. good self turfed out into the street. Shortly before being arrested and thrown into custody to answer charges.

No prison for you Jimmy boy, no bum rape at night and no looking over your shoulder in a nervous way when taking a shower and worrying about dropping the soap.

You got off fucking light, so quit the whining and shut the fuck up ya cunt.


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