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Ed Balls aka Piers Fletcher-Dervish throws a strop, the lying cunt.

Dof of the cap to Therantingkingpenguin for this one in The Spectator

Well blinkey is not a happy chap, shit happens. Still who can blame him for the best part of 12 years they have had the media sucking their socialist cocks and hardly daring to question their views.

Aside from the BBC and Polly cunting Toynbee the rest of the media is starting to wise up.

Still Ed seems to think his shouting the odds and demanding that the Spectator not call him a liar but remove the post will work.

But aside from being a liar Ed is also a fuckwit, not your normal red rosette grade fuckwit but a weapons grade fuckwit, a fuckwits fuckwit.

As I stated before, Ed Balls is a sure sign that some gene pools have been allowed to stagnate and interbreed far to much.
A chinless New Labour wonder that shows that in some parts of the country inbreeding is still a major lifestyle choice.

A fuckwit that sees nothing wrong with using a car to take him 150 yards.

The sort of fuckwit that utters the words so what.

A fuckwit who stated that lessons had been learned after the death of Baby P and then was proven wrong.

In the words of Devil's Kitchen:
Ed Balls: this man is an unmitigated cunt. And not the good type of cunt, the kind that attractive ladies have between their legs. Oh, no. This man is the worst cunt in the world—a diseased, unkempt, unwashed, scabby, Polly Toynbee cunt, with big pointy fucking teeth. The cunt.
Fuck off Ed, just fuck off and die.

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