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Hazel must go campaign.

The good folk of Salford are not very happy with Hazel Blears as their local MP. From The Salfordstar


The campaign is not aligned to any political party and has been born from the anger and frustration many of Hazel Blears’ constituents are feeling in the light of the scandals that have surrounded our representative over the last few weeks.

On Friday 12th June Hazel apologised for her actions which she herself has deemed to be “stupid” - but then reiterated that she intends to stand at next year’s General Election. The Hazel Must Go! campaign is calling for her to stand down, right here, right now…

Over the coming weeks, residents’ associations, trade unions, community organisations, workers and residents will be asked to back the campaign.

The Salford Star, the city’s community magazine - which has been waiting over six months for `our MP’ to reply to a letter regarding `empowerment funding’ - has agreed to be the first organisation to back the campaign. Over the coming weeks we’re hoping that many more will follow.


Hazel Blears Must Go!

Over the last few weeks Hazel Blears has shown that she is no longer fit to represent the people of Salford.

In the wake of extravagant expenses claims and avoidance of Capital Gains Tax we believe that she has abused the system, which we find morally and ethically disgusting.

Hazel Blears resigned from the Cabinet (in the most undignified way) but she is still our MP and says that she intends standing at next year’s General Election.

It is down to us, her constituents, to make our feelings known and force her to resign as MP for Salford. Right here. Right now!

We would like trade union branches, residents and community groups and individuals to join our campaign - Hazel Must Go!

Together we can demand justice for the people of Salford.

To add your name to the campaign please contact us at blearsmustgo@gmail.com

* The Hazel Must Go campaign is not aligned to any political party

* You can also contact the Hazel Must Go campaign via the Salford Star -info@salfordstar.com

07957 982960


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