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ID cards post 87 billion or somesuch.

What the fuck, is going the fuck on?

First up we have every sodding excuse by lardy arsed Home Sec. Jackboot, telling us at great expense that ID cards were the best thing since sliced bread. Fucking PR, spin and bullshit by the cartload, telling us that folk were coming in their pants at the thought of spending their cash to be logged by HM Govt.

Now the idea of making ID cards compulsory has been scrapped by former postman an now Home Secretary Alan Johnston.

So they will keep them and no one will buy one, then the idea will be quiety flushed down the shitter at some point.

So after fucking billions of pounds of your money, that could have paid for hospitals, extra police on the beat; they now realise the public hate the idea and they want to pretend it was all someone elses fault what with an election coming up.

Cunts, utter cunts all of them.

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