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Life in Soviet Britain under comrade Brown: Beer ad bans in Scotland.

As reported on BBC Pravda:Labour is calling for a ban on alcohol advertising near schools in Scotland, as a wide-ranging summit on tackling drink problems takes place.

Oh and that will help how exactly? Its quite simple to control booze and the kiddies, its called enforcing the law. Stop them purchasing booze and enforce existing laws.

The Scottish Government summit, taking place in Edinburgh, is being attended by the main Holyrood parties, as well as industry representatives.

Labour's health spokeswoman Cathy Jamieson said the advert ban was needed as part of a "national consensus".

Oh fuck off, seriously just fuck off. Labour have shown that they are unable to enforce the existing laws on those who choose to flout them and now after 12 years of tedious bans the best they can dream up is another pointless ban.

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