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Madeleine Hoon, sorry Moon MP - The money I stole from you will “bring money into the Welsh economy”

Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon claimed more than £4,000 in expenses for furniture bought in South Wales but intended for her second home in London.

But she says the items were transported to her London property, and she had done her shopping in Wales to “bring money into the Welsh economy”
Claims made by Bridgend MP Moon
- July 2005: £425 for a valuation and home buyer’s survey.
- Sept 2005: £683.56 was spent in Ikea, including £158.40 on items to build a double bed, two double mattresses costing £170 each and a £14.99 mattress protector. Other items bought include a £38 floor lamp with 36 bendable arms, £59.98 on quilt covers and pillow cases, a £7.99 bath mat, £3.99 on clothes hangers and a £1.99 iris tea towel.
- A £399 table and chairs was bought at Crazy Mac’s and there are claims for a £55 double bed quilt, a £27 all-season 13.5 tog quilt, a £12.99 mattress protector, a £12.99 three-tier airer and £13.98 for pillows from Dunelm Mill.
- She also claimed for a £769 Tennison Triad coral sofa from Marks and Spencer and £46.40 on towels and pillows.
- Oct 2005: Mrs Moon claimed £599.25 in removal costs and £79.99 on bedding, a £69.99 liquidiser and £10 for quilts and pillows.
- Nov 2005: Claim for a £68.95 a kettle and filters.
- Dec 2005: Ikea receipt for £142.22, including £30.46 on four photo frames, £11.98 on two wall posters, £15.98 on two table lamps, £3 on a noticeboard, £1.19 on tea lights and £1 on gift wrap. The most costly item was a £60 mattress pad.
- A £96 Marks and Spencer’s receipt for two £15 towels and duck feather pillows was also submitted, along with £16.38 for B&Q curtain rings and £47.95 for a set of Dunelm Mill curtains.
- Mrs Moon also claimed £281.72 for a pair of 3in pencil pleat tape-lined curtains and eight 16in cushion covers at £146.74.
- Jan 2006: Four aubergine cushions from Dunelm Mill’s Elegance range at £9.99 each, £91.99 matching aubergine curtains and £27.98 for two tiebacks, along with a £9.99 four-tier chrome trolley.
- A £229 Dyson vacuum cleaner and a DAB digital radio at £89.99, a £29.59 table lamp and Marks and Spencer towels costing £16.
- Feb 2006: £134.99 claimed for curtains and a side table.
- Mar 2006: £805.94 for a cooker and a washing machine with the cost also including delivery and installation.
- Apr 2006: £140.00 for crockery.
- May 2006: £70 for a “bistro set” table and two chairs for her kitchen.
- Jun 2006: A 26in television and a DVD player at £799.99, £19.99 for a scart lead and £11.99 for a TV cleaning kit from Currys.
- July 2006: £39.50 for bedding.
- Aug 2006: Bathroom painted for £120 and £25.45 claimed for a storage basket and pin board.
- Sept 2006: £15.08 claimed for a paint brush, paint, WD40 and a £1 masonry bit.
- Oct 2006: £148 claimed for dry cleaning and a rug.
- Dec 2006: Kitchen equipment costing £26.
- Jan 2007: A £250 rug.
- May 2007: A £172.98 television/DVD/VCR cabinet and a £73.70 large bedside cabinet, both in medium oak, from Oak Furniture Land and £192.94 for a fridge.
- July 2007: £187 for a chest of drawers and £24.99 for a hand trolley to transport heavy items.
- Nov 2007: A £69.99 iron.
- Dec 2007: £39 claimed for towels, £45 on bedding and £24.99 on a toaster

Previous post I did on Madeleine Hoon, oh an I would just like to add that I hope she fucking dies a slow lingering pain filled death. Fucking robbing champagne socialist skank bitch.

A disgrace to the title Rt. Hon.

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