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Martyn Jones claimed £20 grand in food in four years.

Martyn Jones claimed almost £20,000 in four years for food, claiming the £400 a month for food allowance. Oh and a new microwave was £129 for cooking said taxpayer funded nosh.

Martyn Jones rents a flat and a car space (for £165 a month) near Parliament. He claimed a sofa bed cost £764.

His receipts for furniture after he moved home in March 2006 include: washing machine, £348; bathroom fittings, £390; toaster, £72; DVD player, £128.

He moved between rented flats minutes from each other in a Pimlico complex where residents can use an indoor swimming pool, riverside tennis court and croquet lawn. His latest rent claims show the apartment, a short walk from parliament, costs £1,228. A standard monthly claim included utility bills, £42; council tax, £83; phone costs, £40; cleaning, £17.

Last April the fees office rejected part of his claim because he’d used up most of his ACA of £23,083. His final submission for the year was cut from £2,216 to £1,129.

Mr Jones said of his food claims:
"It should be called subsistence (allowance).

"I treated it as covering things like the congestion charge, which can’t be claimed for directly, and the costs of living in London. It is not going to Tesco shopping. We haven’t got time to do that. My constituents expect me to be in the House, London is an expensive place to eat."

He said he’d not submitted claims for "odds and ends", adding: "It is legitimate within these ridiculous rules."
No you grasping amoral fucker, you have a wage, buy your food out of that just like the rest of us have to.

He voted to keep second home allowance and tried to cover up MP expenses from FOI requests.

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