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Miliband go's line dancing.

Dance bananaboy, dance....
Foreign Secretary David Miliband was dragged into the expenses row yesterday after it was disclosed that he claimed £50 for photographs of himself taking part in line-dancing.

Mr Miliband charged the bill for the snaps to taxpayers so that he could put a picture on his website to show voters how agile he is on the dancefloor.

Whitehall officials blacked out most of the details of his claim, but left his name visible - misspelt as ‘Milliband’.

Last night the Foreign Secretary was accused of a ‘ludicrous waste of money’ by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which led the campaign to force MPs to reveal details of their expenses.

Matthew Elliot, the Alliance’s chief executive, said: ‘Politicians usually spend money to make themselves look more statesmanlike.

‘David Miliband must be hoping that these photographs are not used by the Press overseas, or he’ll be the laughing stock of foreign ministries and embassies around the world.

A bit late to be worying about that.

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