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MP expenses, what a bunch of fuc████ self censoring wan█████ blanking out cun███

Dof of the trilby cap Lawson Narse for Gordons expense below.
MP's and those in power really do not get it, they have failed to grasp the sheer anger from the plebs and proles at their theft of our money. Theft it is, never mind the many excuses on the lines of it being within the rules.
Those of us in the real world who have expenses with regards work, have to answer for every penny spent, never mind sticking ones telly license on it, or cable bills come to that.

Should we put on sundry items we would find ourselves first off joining the ranks of the unemployed and also having a long chat with a member of Her Majestys police force. Followed by an appearance before a court.

Yet MP's are different, despite avoiding tax, building up property portfolios and then stocking said houses at the taxpayers expense they bleat about having done nothing wrong.

What is worse, when one looks at even the censored version all sorts of little gems are still coming to light that even the Telegraph has missed, or maybe just not had the time to expose as yet.

Despite the poor election results, despite local papers being full of irate voters complaining, despite petitions and sheer anger the ruling elite think its business as usual. They believe this will just go away in time, it wont; that we will turn out and re-elect the local rubber stamp MP and we wont.

We need an election and we need it now.

We also need people who respect other peoples money, claim only the basics and unlike my own MP Paul Flynn do not use public money to resolve a civil law dispute in the courts; that has nothing to do with his day to day job as an MP.

Unlike MP's this happens in the real world:
We don't in the main have our travel costs covered by our employer.
We don't get food gratis from our employer.
Our employer gives us a wage to cover cable bills, duck islands, porn, cable, clothes etc.
We don't get to have the interest paid off on second homes.
We have to pay stamp duty and other taxes.
More importantly we face going to jail should we break the rules.

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