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New Labour immigration.

Next time some government bean counter bleats on about how immigration is "good for the country" it might be worth mentioning this lot.
Hundreds of war criminals are walking the streets of Britain with impunity, a shocking report reveals today.

Around 300 people suspected of war crimes or genocide have been referred to the immigration services or police for action, said the Aegis Trust.

But glaring legal loopholes mean they cannot be deported because sending them home to face a possible death penalty would breach their human rights.

The trust, an independent group working to eliminate genocide, said the suspects cannot be prosecuted here because only British residents can be arrested and charged under the Government's war crimes legislation.

And the law only applies to crimes committed after 2001 - despite many of the worst genocides taking place before this, including in Bosnia and Rwanda.

The report's authors unearthed asylum and immigration case files relating to suspects living in the UK.

These included an alleged Zimbabwean torturer, an Iraqi torturer who worked for the Saddam Hussein regime, a member of the Sudanese militia and a Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger assassination squad driver.

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Anonymous said...

they're all going to vote ZaNu.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah and no doubt will get a job "encouraging folk" to vote Zanu.