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Nick Raynsford grasping champagne socialist.

Whats the odds that doddery old libel losing fucker Rt Hon. Paul Flynn MP & hoon, who loves to bleat about baby eating Tories holding multiple jobs will say absolutely fuck about about the former homes minister who is a Labour MP.

About as likely as him repaying the £10 thousand stolen to cover his legal costs, or maybe the £7 grand of our money pissed away on doing up his fucking kitchen.

Nick Raynsford earned £148,000 last year by holding down six senior positions with commercial companies and industry bodies.

The posts are all linked to the areas of expertise and contacts that he acquired whilst serving in Tony Blair's government as minister for housing, local government and the fire service between 1997 and 2005.

A declaration of earnings provided by Mr Raynsford shows that last year he also earned:
– £33,000 as chairman of the recruitment firm Rockpools, which specialises in filling senior public sector posts;
– £18,750 as non-executive director of the housing information provider Hometrack, for "advising the company on relevant housing matters and attendance at board meetings";
– £9,000 as president of the building training agency Constuctionarium, for "advising the organisation on the development of its activities";
– £7,000 as non-executive director of the Fire Protection Association; and
– more than £5,000 from writing for Building magazine and the Municipal Journal.

The payouts all came on top of parliamentary salary of £64,766 which Mr Raynsford earned as the backbench Labour MP for Greenwich & Woolwich, in south east London.

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