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Romanians attacked in Northern Ireland.

I see that Romanians have been attacked in Northern Ireland, guess that proves once and for all that lucky heather is not so lucky.

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"THIS is the face of pensioner Beryl Bell, beaten black and blue by a four-strong Asian gang in a "vicious and disgusting" road rage attack in Bradford. It was the second time in three months she has been a victim of street violence.
Mrs Bell and her husband Christopher were punched in the face after being followed through Bradford following an accidental bump of wing mirrors.

Mr Bell, 65, who takes 12 tablets a day for a heart condition, was attacked when he finally pulled over. His wife, 66, ended up in a pool of blood on the floor when she went to his aid.

Police have launched a search for the attackers, described as Asians in their 20s.

Grandparents Mr and Mrs Bell, who are retired shop owners, were driving home from a shopping trip when their car clipped the wing mirror of a black Audi A3.

Fearing the reaction of the driver and his three passengers, Mr Bell drove on but was followed and then beaten by the Audi's occupants.

He said: "I got out of the car and the driver got out of his car. The other three got out of the car and punched me on my head a couple of times.

"I turned round and saw my wife on the floor - blood was gushing out of a cut in her nose and a big bump on her head.

"Someone shouted 'get the police' and all of a sudden they have jumped in their car and off they went."

Mrs Bell said: "I was scared but I just saw them all hitting him so I got out and tried to stop it and got punched in the face, then I was on the floor in a load of blood."

For the mother of two, it was the second attack in three months. In March she was mugged when a woman wrestled her handbag - containing her mother's pension - from her.

She said: "I can't believe the stuff I've seen that has happened to old people. So many pensioners are getting attacked these days.

"The fact that my husband didn't stop the car straight away shows that he was worried at what might happen.

"They were parked in the middle of the road talking to someone else and we were waiting behind them.

"We edged slowly around and brushed their mirror. They looked angry so we thought it best not to stop as there were four of them."

The couple were chased for five minutes and were attacked when they were just yards from their home.

Det Insp Sean Duggan said: ""This is one of those acts where nothing can ever justify what's happened.

"It was a particularly violent attack on two people going about their
daily business, not harming anyone and this is the time the public need to pull together as a community to help find those responsible."

"Four people who are much younger than them and bigger in stature have got out of the vehicle and attacked them quite violently.

"It's a violent, unprovoked, disgusting attack.".

Det Insp Duggan said although the attackers were Asian, there was nothing to suggest the incident was racially motivated."