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Rt Hon. Keith Vaz MP, jumping on dead pedophile bandwagon.

It was just a matter of time before an MP attempted to bask in the reflected glory of a pedophile, dead musician.

Link to EDM

Vaz, Keith

That this House celebrates the life and music of Michael Jackson; commends the role his music has played in uniting people from different cultures and challenging racial division in the US and around the world; notes that he sold an estimated 750 million records worldwide and won 13 Grammy awards during his career; applauds his support for many charitable causes; and hopes that his legacy will endure through his fans and his music.

Well there you go, Keith who loves his expenses and for us to pay for his life of indolence and ease, who was involved in sleaze before and who has a very dubious voting record.

  • Keith voted to keep MP expenses: (the so called John Lewis list) link
  • Keith voted to intern people for 42 days, the contemptable little cunt that he is: link
  • Keith is in favour of all black shortlists: link
  • Oh and he fucked the taxpayers of the UK - thats you and me - for some £148,235 in expense for the year 2006/07, that is on top of his wages as an MP: link
Keith Vaz a typical sleazy, inept, whitey hating, duplicitous cuntwaft of an MP. No wonder the UK is fucked with turds like this shit running the show.

Still Franky Boyle had the right idea, click here to read Boyle’s views on Jackson.

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