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Rt Hon. Paul Flynn MP - Newport deserves better.

Thanks to english rose for the pic of Flynn.
My utter contemptable shit of an MP is bleating on about Tory councillors, yet still nothing on when this thief will repay his stolen monies; sorry I forgot legalised fraud and theft are part of the average Labour MP's perks whilst bleating on about the nasty baby eating Tories.

Still you Mr Flynn as an MP enjoy the privilage of free telly, no council tax, no utility bills, upto £400 a month food and a cool £64 grand a year to fill the back pocket.

You feel the need to fiscally rape the taxpayer for legal expenses to cover yourself in a legal case that you had many chances to walk away from before it ever got to court. Yet still nothing on when the libel case losing hoon is going to reform his own expenses and start by paying back the £10,000 he took to cover his legal expenses in the libel case.

He gets himself into a civil matter, he should pay for it.

Keep on attempting to shift the issues off your expenses Flynn, I shall keep on mentioning it between now and when you are kicked out of office come election day. We the public are not going to get collective amnesia and forget his graft, sleaze and years of lies.

That also includes your parasite of a wife also paid from public funds as your senior secretary.
First up Flynn, why should we have to pay for your libel case? height="500" width="100%" > value="http://d.scribd.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=16561869&access_key=key-1hsctur4478wmfayns5y&page=1&version=1&viewMode=">
Flynn claimed expenses on the solicitor fees!
Also thanks to the Telegraph we know that he stole "within the rules" a cool £7,052 for new kitchen, as well as work back in 2006 on his kitchen coming to £1580, a cool £1,153 on carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005.
Then he sold this and moved to a new £275,000 flat. He also claimed £9,629 in stamp duty and fees.
Then we have £1000 deposit on kitchen equipment, charged to the taxpayer. In 2006 he charged the taxpayers £1201.90 on decorating his humble abode.
Also £16,958.00 2nd home allowance, £13,913.00 on office costs, £92,902.00 staffing costs, £202.00 central stationary, £510.00 stationary & postage. £1,209.00 IT provision, £7,171.00 on communications, £8,096.00 travel, £140,961.00 total.
He also claimed back mortgage interest of £215.00, claimed back water utilities of £26.07, electricity £27,00, council Tax £89.33, television service £16.50 although the good thing is that at his advanced age he will soon qualify for a free telly licence!
Also £1745 on a sofa and a chair. £189 on a bathroom cabinet.
One ravel small sofa bed beige, costing £750 quid and a vanilla pluto chair costing £995 quid. Well it is natural wood.
Then we have one tv table £150, one side table £90, a dining table & four chairs both £150 quid.
One leather look manager chair coming to £64.98.
He also ordered Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger @ £89.00 - he could have used Linux which is free but still at least its not Windows.
£424 on a bed for his aged corpse.
So free cable, free telly, no council tax, furniture free, stamp duty paid, his kitchen re-done at taxpayer expense. Oh it must be so difficult to struggle on a humble £64 grand a year as a backbench MP.
I wonder how folk manage without those perks, like the millions laid off under Labour and who are now reliant on benefits Mr Flynn?
Oh lastly I would remind Mr Flynn of his false anger towards the Telegraph, whilst cherry picking figures from non Labour MP's to show on his webshyte. All the while he said not a word on his own huge expenses and taxpayer funded lifestyle.
Here is Flynn's apology, posted on his webshyte and now vanished but saved by me.
On this website in February this year, I made certain statements referring to Endowment Justice Limited, one of the companies which offers assistance in obtaining compensation for those people who were mis-sold endowment policies. I have been campaigning against companies providing professional services in relation to endowment policy compensation claims, but my facts about Endowment Justice were incorrect. As a result, I wrongly accused the company and its directors Nick Keca, Marianne Fitzjohn and Graeme Webber of having previously mis-sold endowment policies and now dishonestly overcharging those self-same victims to help them obtain compensation. I am happy to clarify that neither Endowment Justice Ltd or any of its directors were ever involved in any aspect of endowment policy selling. It was therefore false and unfair to suggest that they had profited from the historic mis-selling of endowment policies. I was also incorrect in stating that Endowment Justice, which offers its services in recovering compensation on a “no-win, no-fee” basis, could charge its customers up to 40% of any compensation gained. Endowment Justice in fact charge customers 17.5% plus VAT or 22.5% plus VAT of any compensation gained. I was wrong to give the unintended impression that the company or its directors acts in any way improperly or unlawfully in providing services to those seeking compensation for endowment policy mis-selling. I would like to apologise to Endowment Justice for my allegations, and to Mr. Keca, Ms. Fitzjohn and Mr. Webber for any embarrassment or distress caused by my false remarks.

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