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Tony Wright MP

Gets his telly license paid for, likes the MP food allowance, charging the public for cleaning(evidently to busy to put a hoover around himself), has claimed for bedding and towels twice(not sure if its a duplicate claim or he likes buying bedding/towels).

Has charged the taxpayer £800 for his website.

£995 for Venetian blinds, £1,630 for a new sofa and chairs and £799 for a sideboard.

Oh and sees nothing wrong with claiming his council tax off the taxpayer, whilst us mere plebs have to pay it.

2 people have spoken:

spud u like said...

What do these fuckers spend their wages on ? Jim Murphy gets his cabinet wages, full second home allowance, office expenses, full £400 a month on food ( amazing for a skinny cunt like him ) and he's still claiming 'petty cash' at £200 a pop. TWAT !
He's got to be keeping some high class broad with that kind of money.

JPT said...

Traitors gate should await these people.