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Your tax money hard at work helping migrants.

Hat tip to Sarah Maidof Albion for this one.
Roll up, roll up, roll up for the UK taxpayer hand out. Jihadists, cross dressing Somali pirates, Roma gangstas, Jamacian drug dealers, Afghani plane hijackers, stuck in Club Gitmo(no worries David Milipede will fly you over to the UK), wanted for war crimes in Africa, well the UK taxpayer will fund your lifestyle.

Free houses, social security, cash for kids, import as many wives as you like, protest British troops all with full protection from the ruling New Labour dictatorship.
BLYDA - Cininese Islington one - Indymedia3 Productions - Nirmul Committee - Nzinga Dance -Soulfire Theatre - Swadhinata Trust - Third Dimension Ministries Of Music Education - Tower Hamlets African & Caribbean Mental Health Organisation (THACMHO) - Udichi Shilpi Gosthi XStream - Bangladesh-British chamber of commerce - Asian Association - Acton Muslim Welfare Association - Afghan Association of London(free advise on hijacking planes and being allowed to stay by liberal judges) - African Women's Forum - Al-farazdaq Arabic School and Club - Al-Hudah Association - Angolan Civic Communities Alliance - An-Nisa Society - Arab Club of Britain - Arab Women Group - Arya Samaj London - Asian Family Counselling Service - Asian Music and Arts Academy - Cancer Black Care - Somali Welfare and Cultural Association -Eritrean Community in Hammersmith and Fulham - Ethiopian Refugee Association

And yet set up an organisation for whites and you would be up before the justice in record time, and I doubt your chances of getting state funding like these parasites either.

2 people have spoken:

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

cunts, one and all!..i bet we wouldnt get a british white persons help group started in afghanastan!..they would tell us to fuck right off!...as we should with the assorted ragheaded cunts here.

Anonymous said...

You heartless man! A tear of pride comes to my eye and my chest swells with patriotic fervor when the Southern Cumbria - Bulawayo & District twinning committee hold's it's regular tapathon and vegan catering expo with the Black one legged Lesbian Dance Troup in attendance to both entertain and serve! Only here - in Britain - could such a fine body of organizations exist!

Keep up the good work.