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Youtube - Rather annoying.

I see that GOT is none to happy at Youtube removing his video mocking the snot gobbler Gordon.

Sadly a case of been there, had that and probably got a tee-shirt of it around the flat.

Fire a few sweary words an its off you come. Use a tune and they clamp on down stopping you from posting in certain areas.

Oh and then pop up a box window thing that says said track is available on i-tunes(another shit company hawking fucking bloatware that I would not ever touch)

Stick in a news clip and some copyright bollocks pops up to bleat its nannying message.

Although should you be a conspiracy loon bleating about about how George W Bush had his missiles take down the towers on 9/11, or some sword waving God botherer calling for jihad then you get no hassles off of Youtube.

But aside from the bias, why fucking bother with them? Seriously other than watching clips that vanish on regular as clockwork basis it has bugger all to offer. Video upload sites are ten a penny these days and most offer better service, quality and faster upload time.

Most importantly far less fucking hassle should you choose not to munch Gordon or Obama cock.

So bollocks to Youtube, leaving my shit up on the channel but the sidebar box for youtube I have taken down off of this site. Fuck em, all my new stuff go's up on dailymotion.com

Anyway assorted dofs of the cap to oldbagsplace and flyingwarpigs, thescreech and others.

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