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Look if your not happy here post 8 billion or something.

For those who have come here and are not happy, the door works both ways. Just don't let it hit your four wives on the arse as you leave...
A homecoming march by Royal Marines returning after a bloody tour of Afghanistan was hijacked yesterday by anti-war protesters.

Five militants/twats waving Iraqi flags screamed 'genocide' and 'not in my name' at soldiers from 3 Commando as they marched from Buckingham Palace to Parliament.

Some of the protesters also tried to use a megaphone to drown out the Royal Marines band but were beaten when onlookers began to clap and cheer to overcome them.

Not happy in the UK, fuck off back to the sandy Islamic Rep. of Ragheadistan. Although protesting over there leads to the loss of a life and being charged for the cost of the bullets.

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