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Alan Turing - No.10 apology.

I see that Gordon Brown has said he was sorry for the "appalling" way World War II code breaker Alan Turing was treated for being gay.

Well yes he was treating in an appalling way by the state no arguement from me on that point, but so were thousands of other men and women for the "crime" of homosexuality. Maybe Gordon will be apologising at some future point to all of them as well?

The state and the law has moved on from that and this apology is actually rather meaningless as Alan Turing has been dead since 1954.

That said if any good can come out of this, it will be that the profile of this man will be raised and more people will realise the vital work he did for the British government during the war and how he helped this nation win the war.

As for apologies from politicians, they do have a fluff feelgood factor. Apologies have become devalued by us, used as little more than a get out of jail free card. An excuse for corrupt lying politicos caught in flagrante delicto with a rent boy, an inflatable sheep and a few lines of Colombian marching powder; or found sticking hubby's grumble porn on the expenses.

We had Red Ken Livingstone famously apologising for slavery, despite our involvement with slavery being long since finished.

The cynicism of MP's to jump on bandwagons and show "remorse" over long dead folk knows no bounds.

The No.10 statement is here. Gordon has made the news over a petition on the Number 10 website that is here, that got 31 thousand signatures.

Now that was the 4th most popular petition, yet not a peep on the most popular petition that calls for the depressed mono eyed snot muncher to fuck the fuck off.

That one is here, maybe Gordon just felt a bit depressed looking at that one and decided to ignore it? Time for some more medication for the PM.

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