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Balkanization of the UK: Birmingham.

This is how they wage the jihad against the infidel:

Birmingham’s top Muslim leader urged his followers to “vent their feelings” against anti-Islamic protesters during a weekend rally that ended in violence and dozens of arrests.

Muslims were encouraged by the Birmingham Central Mosque to counter-demonstrate during Saturday’s protest in the city.

It is understood that Muslims were encouraged to confront the protest against the advice given by the West Midlands Police to community leaders to stop their followers from attending.

Mohammad Naseem, Birmingham Central Mosque’s chairman, considered to be the most senior community leader in the West Midlands region, said yesterday that he encouraged members of his "congregation" to attend the rally, at which about 80 people were arrested, to express the Islamic community’s solidarity.

There you go all peace love and tolerance, so long as your a moslem. We see a "community leader" encouraging his followers to break the laws of the land. Remember under Islam there are only three states, you can be a moslem, a dhimmi subject to Islamic laws and in effect a 2nd class citizen or a slave.

Also we see 3 more members of the religion of "peace" showing their solidarity with the Umma.

Three men have been found guilty of plotting to kill thousands of people by blowing up planes flying from London to America with home-made liquid bombs.

A Woolwich Crown Court jury convicted Abdulla Ahmed Ali, 28, Tanvir Hussain, 28, and Assad Sarwar, 29, of conspiring to activate bombs disguised as drinks.

Four other men were found not guilty of involvement in the airline plot.

**I would like to see them all led out to a public hanging at Tyburn before having their bodies fed to the pigs. Go solidarity that Mohammad Naseem.

As for the last three pigs, they are looking at early release as well as a soft comfortable cell with their own key an where the guards have to call them sir; halal food on the menu and lawyers on tap.

No doubt some compensation will await them as the Home Office might have kept the poor darlings locked up a hour over their due time, then a nice little earner whoring their story to The Grauniad; followed by a film by uber-scumbag Michael Winterbottom.

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Opus #6 said...

So that's why they make me ditch my water bottles at the screening area. We must not lose our way in the war against terror.