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bansturbation: Booze advertising.

I see that the usual small penis equipped suspects are at it again, talking about a ban on booze advertising.

This on top of the usual cockwaving scare the sheep shyte they come out with: how we all drink far more than is good for us, how alcohol unit pricing is the way forward and of course the old fucking chestnut of booze related crime.
Let me just clear that one up, for every drunken underage scrote who ends up throwing up over PC plods boots and clogging up an NHS ward for a few hours. There are millions of drinkers who go out, do not drink and drive, don't get into a fight, throw up or otherwise cause any trouble to anyone in any way shape or form.
But drinkers behaving themselves do not help quango's like Alcohol Concern justify their pointles taxpayer funded existance.

Besides I have some bad news, beer prices are going to soar. When VAT go's back to hits higher rate, the rate of tax on beer will go up and this will lead to a rise in yet more pubs closing.

Campaign if you will but the duties will rise, the depressed mono eyed PM has screwed the economy and you have to pay to fix his errors.

The Filthy Smoker has a fine bit over at DK's on this.

We get a stead stream of B/S dressed up as news, like the pointless story run by BBC Pravda on how folk on holiday may be drinking to much!
Another scare story for the sheeple on how booze causes cancer.
Oh and the daft rules in the Scotland.
Most of these are excuse for the righteous to nanny, lecture and talk down to us, like a certain Ian Gilmore a joyless puritanical fucker if ever there was one.

Me I am sick and tired of the holier than fucking thou curtain twitching bum sniffers, who work themselves up over when other people do with their lives.

Worrying 24/7 that someone might actually be having some fun and then finding ways to regulate it, tax it or fucking ban it.

I swear it won't be long before you won't be able to go for a decent shit without having to fill in a health & safety form and eco-enviromental impact form before sitting down on the toilet.

One final point, I would as an ex-CAMRA member like to point out that they are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Actually sitting down with the very self same self appointed bastards from Alcohol Concern and other prohibitionist quango's, in order to resolve drinking issues.

Sadly the upper ranks of CAMRA management are staffed with uber-lefties, treehuggers and swivel eye'd Grauniad reading tofu munchers. Very few of which have woken up to the threat posed by their beloved Labour government to their hobby.

They have belatedly worked out that ever rising taxes cause pub closures, yet not that the very people in the quangos who are feeding the media with scare stories are doing HM Governments work for them.

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