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Barbarian illegal migrant crimewave on the way to the UK.

The Frogs and other Euro types are calling for us to take the illegal migrants from the "jungle" squat in Calais.

Europe's Justice Commissioner will today demand a change in the law to allow 'Britain-obsessed' asylum seekers into the UK at their earliest convenience.

Jacques Barrot, a former French minister, believes the reform would assist migrants who are sleeping rough in Calais, waiting for a chance to enter Britain.

The Jungle, an area of wasteland full of improvised shelters, kitchens and even a mosque close to the town's ferry port, currently houses around 800 men and women who want to claim asylum in Britain or disappear into the black economy.

They play a nightly game of cat and mouse with the police as they try to board lorries and trains heading for Dover.

This includes hundreds who will be evicted this week from the notorious 'Jungle' squat in the town, which riot police plan to destroy.

Just what we need a whole raft of indolent benefit drawing jihadists to add to already vast numbers of moslems in the UK. Fuckers who are unable and unwilling to speak English an who's own skills are a few years waging jihad in some third world toilet and the ability to strip and clean an AK47 in the dark.

Still it will show us all exactly how tough the snot gobbling PM is on immigration?

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