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Baroness Scotland and her expenses.

First up a doff of the trilby to GOT for this pic of the grafting, sleazy Baroness who has never been voted into any of her public sector jobs.

Guido has a bit on the sleazy antics of illegal employing Baroness Scotland:

Patricia Scotland, who was at the Home Office before becoming Attorney-General, has wrongly claimed some £170,000 since 2004. The £38,280 a year over-claim is only for ministers who have a primary residence outside the capital. Patricia has a £2 million home in Chiswick, West London.

Labour MP Graham Stringer told The Mail on Sunday that if Lady Scotland did not make a ‘principled resignation’, she should be fired by Gordon Brown.

‘It is extraordinary that after four days she is still in the post… The whole Government is tarnished. People feel the Government is passing laws it is not applying to itself.’

The Baroness is already in a spot of bother for employing an illegal migrant as a worker. Something that can carry a £10,000 fine, yet no fine appears to have been handed to her as yet?
As she helped to draft the laws that fine businesses who break the law she should set an example and step down asap, as well as opening her taxpayer funded wallet and pay £10,000. I wonder if it will be one rule for the small business person and another for champagne swilling socialist scum of New Labour?

Still no great surprise that she has also fiddled her expenses and grafted money from the taxpayer, she like all socialists is nothing but a state funded parasite, a whore for the public expenses. Someone who has demonstrated that she feels the laws of the land apply to everyone except her and Labour party members.

Pic above from Gigits. I wonder if she will be facing a fine like this couple who were fined for employing illegals?

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