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Baroness Scotland - The Last Post.

Well the Baroness has been fined just £5000 not the full £10,000 fine that she should have been hit with and the law states this: Since February 2008, employers who negligently hire illegal workers have been liable for a maximum fine of £10,000 while those doing so knowingly face even harsher sanctions. Yet she only gets a £5,000 pound fine?

Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said: "This is a government that says all small employers should be prosecuted if they don't know the immigration status of their employees and yet we have senior ministers who can't be bothered to make the checks themselves. "There is a real 'one rule for them, one rule for us' attitude at the heart of this government and it is a disgrace."
Oh and despite all the publicity the illegal she employed is now on the run.
(Maybe in this car?)

Seriously, a you could not make it up story. This despite the illegal workers face being on almost every paper across this land; the UK Border Agency, which claims on its website that it is:
"responsible for securing the United Kingdom borders and controlling migration in the United Kingdom. We manage border control for the United Kingdom, enforcing immigration and customs regulations. We also consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the United Kingdom, citizenship and asylum."
Has so far failed to locate her. Maybe she will sneak out of the UK by hiding in a Border Agency bus, a reverse of what this illegal did to get into this land.

The Red Rag cuts through vast amounts of bullshit from both the Baroness and others in government who are attempting to cover for one of their own.

One point is this: If the worker was here illegally then she would not have had the right documents as demanded by Home Office regulations. Therefore Baroness Scotland could not have 'seen the documents as they did not in fact exist. Not a case of neglecting to copy them which as she and others argue is a 'technical' breach of the law', but instead it is a case of out and out lying on her part.
Both to us as she has appeared on TV, but also to the UK Border Agency which makes it a further offence that is also punishable amusing under laws drafted by Baroness Scotland.

That she the Attorney General introduced this law and that the country's leading law officer failed to understand the law and quite possibly has made matters worse by deliberately lying to everyone involved makes her position untenable.

The Baroness will also have to answer questions before her peers in the legal profession over this and no doubt they will have some rather awkward questions to ask her.

Then we have her expenses...

Previously on the champagne swilling New Labour Baroness I mentioned that she was fined, that the Baroness was toast, that the racecard may well be played, on the Baroness an her illegals. More on her covering up and obvious lack of knowledge, and how its time we had her scalp.

And so over to the inevitable Youtube mockery:

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