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Blair & Lord Fondlebum thinks Mad Gordon will bottle the election.

The MAOI munching, snot eating, unelected, pant pissing, gurning fuckwit of a PM may bottle the election according to a new book.
Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson have given up hope of Gordon Brown winning the General Election and believe he may throw in the towel to avoid humiliation by David Cameron, it was revealed last night.

The damning verdict on the Prime Minister by his two most prominent Labour colleagues came as a new book disclosed that Mr Blair has branded Mr Brown a 'quitter not a fighter'.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is 'in despair' at Mr Brown's failure to get a grip of events which have led to a growing conviction in Mr Blair's inner circle that a Conservative victory is almost inevitable.

A well-placed source said: 'Peter genuinely thought he could turn things round for Gordon but it is proving to be much harder than he imagined. Tony was deeply sceptical about Gordon taking over all along and thinks he is a disaster.'

It says Mr Blair believes Mr Brown may find an excuse to 'duck out' of the Election - which must take place by next June - possibly on health grounds.

Mind its not the first time the craven coward Brown has bottled out of something, there was that EU referendum that Labour promised us.

Still with the national debt soaring upwards at £6000 quid a fucking second thanks to that inept twat, the sooner he fucks the fuck off the better.

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