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Cuts, Lord Fondlebum of Boy.

Hat tip to Old Holborn for this fine phrase:
Our 'De Facto' unelected Leader is saying what we all know has to happen, slash and burn of every useless pointless non job in the Public Sector.
So what can be cut? Plenty, loads for the axe to slice.

PCSO's for a start, a non job charter for the curtain twitchers, the underpant sniffers and dog shit inspectors. Un-needed, they are wanna-be police, who's whole role is to give jobs to the petty and bloody minded in society, to enforce petty regulations and rules on the compliant whilst avoiding the criminal underclass altogether.

Then we have ID cards, a total and utter waste from day one.

The Welsh Arsembly, a pointless talking shop of failed politico's that swallows vast amounts of cash to create another layer of penpushers. Closing that would save billions.

The BBC, another drain on the state, cuts its money off right now and leave it to stand or fall on its own.

Quango's each an every one a refuge for the inept, the shifty and those who have served time in politics. All of no use and deserving of the axe.

Councils, overstaffed and providing poor service for the £'s taken in council tax. Prune them back to provide just the basics. No newsletters, flashy websites banging on about green issues or jobs for the boys trips abroad.

The FSA and half the other agencies set up by Labour that do a grand total of bugger all, the FSA being the worst a talking shop for ex-bankers and finance bods who having sucked Labour cock, land themselves a cushy job off of the taxpayer. A lobby group for banks that failed to spot the crash and could not regulate a bowel movement in a toilet.

Then government, cull the MP's; sorry the number of MP's. Okay fuck it build a gallows at Tyburn an top the fucking lot of them, along with all the advisors, media consultants, grafters, spivs and every other fucker on the party gravy trains. That will save a few billions.

Then we have Fondlebum bleating on about "across the board" spending cuts, as if that is a bad thing. The economy is fucked and his party fucked it.

It is going to happen either under the Tories or under Labour when broke they have to go cap in hand to the IMF.

Then we have the myth that vast spending is somehow "nice" to quote Fondlebum. Well what is nice about fleecing the taxpayer's money and having nothing to show for it.

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