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David Miliband sets out to shock on global warming fairytale tour

Well he is good for a laugh is Miliband, his latest bit of doom and fear mongering is in The Grauniad.
The spectre of a 4C warmer world, with alligators basking off the coast of Sweden, a vast desert surrounding the Mediterranean and a largely uninhabitable mainland Europe, is to be presented to European Union countries by the foreign secretary, David Miliband.
Well alligators are cool, having eaten gator on a few occasions I think bring it on.

**Update here: although a fan of gators- well on the dinner plate that is- I know bugger all about them aside from that and someone did point out that gators when not resting on my dinner plate are in fact mostly fresh water beasties and so not likely to swimming the seas off of Sweden.

Can't wait for my gator steaks at the local JD Wetherchav, make a change from the South American bushmeat they use in the Zebu burgers.

Anyway as for the desert and the rest of that doomsayer b/s, well thats just horsecock.

Miliband the man who claimed that terrorist can be justified, who charged the taxpayers £50 for pictures of him line dancing.

Although I do like the classic banana pose of his.

Milicunt who hires a private jet to fly him around the world, who was challenged over his gardening expenses! The Miliband banana slug.

The Milipede scuttles off to Sri-Lanka. Miliband in photos. Milipede meets Billery Will Pike ignored whilst terrorists are hugged. More photos. Miliband fails on Zimbabwe.

Milicunt fails in the Sudan. Milicunt restarts blogging

I named him cunt of the year.

He was a cock when in charge of Defra and royally fucked up the Shambo fiasco. When he endangering the public over the TB reactor called Shambo, which I covered here and here.

In short Milipede was at that time head of Defra, he refused to enforce the law on TB infected livestock. Passed the decision off to the Welsh Arsembly, who simply followed the law as laid out by Defra rules and ordered the infected beast killed(thats Shambo not Miliband).

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Anonymous said...

ever wondered why you are a lone voice?

Maybe it's because you talk bollocks... just a thought, you know something you should mull over.

Fidothedog said...

Ever wondered why you post anon? Oh yes, your a cunt. Toodle pip ol chap.